Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout Review

Read our Sport Pre-Workout review and find out if it can take your workouts to the next level

Meet Performance Lab’s Sport Pre-Workout

Plucked right out of one of the most cutting-edge supplement labs is Sport Pre-Workout. This caffeine-free formula claims to boost power, increase endurance and enhance your overall physical performance.

The sharp, yet minimalist packaging gives the product a clinical feel that immediately brings up images white coated scientists scribbling secret formulas on a whiteboard. However, we know the packaging isn’t the full story.

To find out if this one really has what it takes to help you achieve a bigger, more successful workout, we need to take a closer look at what goes in to Sport Pre-Workout.

As we perform our Sport Pre-Workout review, we’ll be on the lookout for elements that make this supplement suitable for women. For example, due to our physiological make-up, females metabolize caffeine a lot more quickly than men do. That means we’re more likely to experience spikes of energy from caffeine and can be affected by side-effects when consuming larger doses.

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With that in mind, Sport Pre-Workout should be entirely safe, as it’s completely caffeine-free. However, a lot can be said for a controlled dose of the stimulant in terms of energy and strength, so we want to know how this supplement works without it.

An initial glance at the formula reveals a number of essential ingredients we love to see in a pre-workout.

During our Sport Pre-Workout review, we’ll take a closer look at the potency and dosage of these ingredients to ascertain just how effective they are. We do this by comparing each one to the latest scientific research, which gives us a very good idea of how well the supplement will work.

Pre-workouts should not only be effective, but safe too. We’ll assess the safety of each ingredient, based on research and the dosages. We’re also on the look out for any potentially dangerous proprietary blends in this formula to ensure it’s a transparent, safety-conscious supplement.

Once we know the mix is safe to use, we turn to online reviews to get a good idea of how well it’s received within the fitness community. This allows us to get a balanced view of what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved.

This gives us an all-encompassing, birds eye view of the supplement. Once we have all this information, we have a very clear idea of what to expect from Sport Pre-Workout and how effective it is in action.

We’ve developed this review process over a number of years, using our collective experience and expertise to bring you the most comprehensive and insightful information on a huge range of supplements and products.

Read on and find out how well Performance Lab’s Sport Pre-Workout performed in a review.

What are the benefits of taking Sport Pre-Workout?

Undoubtedly, the overall benefit of Sport Pre-Workout is that you’ll get more out of every workout. However, it delivers this through a system of intelligent support pillars. It utilizes a number of different ingredients to increase your physical performance in multiple ways, which all contribute to the overall aim – a bigger workout.

Increase power output

Several ingredients within this mix are added to improve your power output. While this doesn’t mean extra strength, it does mean adding extra reps to your workout and refueling muscle energy faster for a bigger, more powerful session.

Heightened endurance

Sport Pre-Workout have put a lot of work into giving you a longer workout. A number of elements within this formula can delay the onset of fatigue and prime your body to work more efficiently and for longer. This also helps to add a few extra reps to your workout, and help you to consistently push your body to the max.

Muscle pumps

This formula contains vasodilators, which will help to give you those all-important muscle pumps. They increase the size of your muscles to give you a more defined look and boost confidence and motivation in the gym. It won’t increase your strength, but it has been linked to heightened endurance in studies.

A bigger workout

All of these things add to prime your body for a bigger, longer workout that reaps more rewards. Ultimately, this will quickly translate into increased gains, improved strength and more muscle in the long run.

One thing we’re missing from this formula is a stimulant. We know caffeine can be hugely beneficial in a pre-workout. At the right dose, it can safely boost both mental and physical energy, and is even proven to increase strength whilst training.

According to Performance Lab, the decision to avoid caffeine is based in scientific research that says the diuretic effects of caffeine can counteract the power-inducing properties of creatine. However, after reading up on the science, we found several very recent studies that have proven the two can actually work very well together, as long as the consumer is hydrated.

With this in mind, we’d say a reasonable dosage of caffeine could benefit this formula.

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Is Sport Pre-Workout safe?

This is a completely natural, well-dosed, caffeine-free formula, which makes it one of the safest options on the market.

As there are no stimulants within this mix, you don’t have to worry about any adverse symptoms in. Women absorb caffeine more quickly than men, so this may make this formula more suitable than others if you do find you are particularly sensitive to it.

Sport Pre-Workout is also completely free of proprietary blends, indicating a transparent formula and responsible supplement creation.

This formula does contain the fungus cordyceps, which has been linked to health issues when grown naturally where larvae are present. However, Performance Lab have used a laboratory grown version that is entirely safe and free of any risks.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout Review 1

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout ingredients

Sport Pre-Workout contains just seven ingredients to bring you an effective formula.

Rather than over-filling their capsules, we can see from the supplement facts that they’ve focused on using generous doses that are more likely to create results. We love to see this approach in supplementation, as it gives every element the chance to shine through and optimize it’s potential.

To help you get an idea of how Sport Pre-Workout does this, check out the big hitters on the ingredients list.


This is the staple of an intelligent pre-workout supplement. Countless studies have proven creatine’s effectiveness in increasing power output and generally enhancing physical performance during workouts [1].

Creatine is a natural forming compound that sits within the muscle in your body. It’s essentially the fuel behind ATP production, which is the energy that powers muscle contractions. By supplementing your diet with more creatine, your body is primed to push that little bit harder on every workout.

This version of creatine is standardized to 99.5% purity, one of the best and purest sources of the compound available.

Maritime Pine Bark

This natural bark grows in countries on the Mediterranean sea and has long been used to treat poor circulation and asthma.

Within the Sport Pre-Workout formula, it holds a number of power-increasing and stamina properties. It’s thought to improve blood flow to improve athletic performance and reduce swelling for better recovery [2].

Studies also suggest it has the capability to produce potentially protective effects against chronic and degenerative diseases because of its antioxidant content [3].


This is a firm favorite of ours in pre-workouts. While this formula doesn’t contain an optimal dose of the amino acid, the L-Citrulline in this mix will still help to deliver a bigger workout.

Taken from watermelons, this has been proven to be a powerful vasodilator. Consuming this ingredient will heighten levels of nitric oxide in your system, which then causes the blood vessels within your muscles to expand [4].

This results in bigger muscles, commonly known as muscle pumps.

While this won’t make you stronger, it will increase your endurance by elevating your maximum oxygen consumption and clearing toxins that cause fatigue from your muscles[5].


This molecule is most commonly found in fast-twitch muscles within your body. These are the explosive muscles used by sprinters and bodybuilders to generate power and speed.

L-carnosine provides one key benefit that cements its place in every quality pre-workout. It plays an essential role in delaying the point of fatigue by providing a protective layer against lactic acid [6].

Lactic acid causes the muscle pain you feel when you’re working hard on a heavy set, and ultimately leads you to cut your workout short by a few reps. By providing a buffer against this pain you’ll be able to fit in more work and reap more reward.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt has been proven to be essential to maintaining a healthy level of hydration in the body [7]. Maintaining optimal water levels is key to not only to your general well-being, it’s also very important if you’re going for a hardcore workout.

Consuming enough salt is also key to ensuring optimal absorption of key amino acids, which will improve the overall effects of the formula.

While we agree it’s important to consume the right amount of salt, we don’t think it’s entirely necessary in this formula. The majority of us will get the right amount of salt by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Instead, a stimulant like caffeine could be added to the mix.

How do you take Sport Pre-Workout?

As the ingredients within this formula are carefully measured out to optimize your experience, we suggest you follow the directions of the manufacturer at all times.

Take four-six capsules of Sport Pre-Workout 45-60 minutes before you hit the gym, with between 16-32 fl.oz of water.

For us, taking four-six capsules in one sitting is a little excessive, when we know using a powder can be much easier and still give you a large portion of the product that can absorb into your system quicker.

How much is Sport Pre-Workout?

With a serving size of four capsules before a workout, a single bottle of Sport Pre-Workout will provide 30 servings. However, if you feel you need six capsules, you’ll have 20 servings.

A bottle of Sport Pre-Workout costs:  $30 / £20

If you opt to buy two bottles of Sport Pre-Workout, Performance Lab give you a 5% discount. They’ll provide a 10% discount when you purchase three containers.

The verdict

This is one of the most highly researched, intelligent formulas we’ve seen. There’s no doubt in our minds that it can contribute toward heightened power output and help you achieve a longer workout, by delaying fatigue.

These will add to the overall benefit of bigger, more powerful training sessions and will lead to more muscle gain in time.

In terms of value for money, it’s available at quite a reasonable price, with additional savings if you do decide to take it on as your go-to pre-workout in the long term.

Our Sport Pre-Workout review found this to be one of the safest supplements we’ve looked at, due to its lack of stimulants and proprietary blends.

Having said all of this, we still think there are a few things we’d change about the formula.

After reviewing the science, we found Performance Lab’s decision to exclude caffeine as it interferes with the effectiveness of the creatine, was a little outdated. Instead, recent studies show they work together very well.

On top of that caffeine has been shown to improve energy levels, along with heightening your overall strength too. Overall, we think it would be a good addition to the formula.

There are also a few unnecessary ingredients within the mix that won’t provide any overwhelming benefits to your workout.

We also don’t agree with the serving method of using capsules over powder. Taking between four and six capsules with 16-32 fl. Oz of water in one sitting isn’t the most convenient option.

However, we don’t want to detract from what is a very effective stimulant-free pre-workout. If you’re specifically looking for something without any caffeine in it, this is one of the best options out there. Overall, we rate it highly as a stim-free pre-workout.

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  • Highly researched formula
  • Completely natural and safe to use
  • Boots power output and enhances endurance
  • Delays fatigue
  • Stimulant free if that’s what you’re looking for
  • Good value for money


  • No caffeine if you’re looking for a boost
  • Some ingredients not optimal for a pre-workout
  • Capsules not the most effective delivery system

Total score

*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

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