High Intensity Interval Training

Discover the fat-burning, health-improving, fitness-boosting benefits of High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, and read our articles. Proven to be one of the most efficient methods of fat loss and shown to be one of very few cardio workouts to encourage muscle, HIIT really is as good as everyone says. We’ve got countless workouts, myth-busting articles and scientific to turn you into a fully qualified HIIT queen.

Low Impact HIIT Workout

Check out our low impact HIIT workout to enhance fat loss, without using high impact movements. There’s absolutely no doubt…

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13 HIIT Exercises You Need in Your Weight Loss Workouts

Dropping the pounds is all about training smart. And training smart means hitting the right kind of workouts, that are…

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HIIT vs LISS – Which is Better for Weight Loss?

If you’ve been searching for a weight loss workout, it’s likely you’ve come across HIIT vs LISS on your travels.…

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20-Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

It’s time to slim down and power up your fitness with this kettlebell HIIT workout. Kettlebell training is an awesome…

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HIIT Workout Plan for Weight Loss

If your fitness goal is to lose fat, you need to train smart with an intelligent HIIT workout plan for…

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Quick HIIT Treadmill Workouts to Help You Shed Fat

Shorten your workouts and torch fat when you check out our 20-minute HIIT Treadmill Workouts. If you’re spending hours on…

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HIIT Cardio Home Workout to Keep You Trim This Christmas

We’ve all been there girl.  You need to fit in a fat burning session, but it’s Christmas and you just…

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Fat Torching, Muscle Growing HIIT Leg Workouts

Girls have we got a treat for you. Fat-burning, muscle building, booty growing HIIT leg workouts are coming your way.…

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The Benefit of HIIT Workouts for Women

If you spend any time near a gym you will have heard of HIIT workouts. People rave about it, from…

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