Master the art of the big three and discover the strength building benefits of powerlifting right here. If you’ve got a passion for squats, deadlifts, bench press and being strong as heck, you’re in the right place. Our powerlifting articles cover everything from step-by-step movement guides through to inspiration, so you have everything you need keep working hard and lifting heavy. Check it out girl!

The Benefits of Powerlifting for Women

The strength sport is growing rapidly in popularity amongst women and we, for one, couldn’t be happier. The benefits of…

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Beginner Powerlifting Program for Women

Check out our beginner powerlifting program below and develop strength and power in the big three lifts. When it comes…

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What is Powerlifting? – Your Complete Guide

What is powerlifting? Check out our girl’s guide to gripping, ripping and bending barbells. Back in the day, the free…

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Powerlifting for Women – A Guide to Getting Started

For so long strength training has been a male dominated area of exercise, but a revolution is underway. Female fitness…

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Powerlifting Vs Bodybuilding for Women

Ok girls, you might’ve been weight lifting for a while now, or you might be fresh faced and excited to…

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