Instant Knockout Cut Vs Hydroxycut – Which is The Best Fat Burner?

Read our comprehensive review of Instant Knockout CUT vs Hydroxycut to find out once and for all which is the best fat burner for women.

If you’re looking for a top-quality fat burner, no doubt you’ve spent hours trawling the internet looking for a definitive solution to your weight loss attempts.

Right now, you’ve come down to these two: Instant Knockout CUT Vs Hydroxycut.

To help you pick out the best fat burner that help maximize your results, we’ve compared and contrasted these two market-leading products.

Throughout this review, we’ll look into these criteria:

  • Brand Authority and Product
  • Ingredients and Science
  • Serving Sizes
  • Safety and Side Effects
  • Cost and Value
  • Pros and Cons

At the end of the review, we’ll collate our findings to bring you the best fat burner out of Instant Knockout CUT and Hydroxycut.

Brand Authority and Product

Roar ambition and muscletech logos in instant knockout vs hydroxycut review

In this section we’ll look behind the formula at the companies who made them to find out what you can expect in terms of quality and calibre of the products. We’ll also check out the origins of the products to look into why they were created, and what this means for the potency of the formula.

Instant Knockout CUT

This formula was originally designed to help MMA fighters drop those last few pounds ahead of a weigh-in for a fight.

The company behind this supplement are called Roar Ambition. They’re the people responsible for highly-rated supplements like the premium Hunter range. We’re very familiar with these products and Roar Ambition, who are well known for driving success through quality ingredients and highly researched formulas.

Although initially created to help MMA fighters, this supplement is very popular in more generic fitness circles. The powerful formula works well for normal women looking to lose weight.


Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen was created to support weight loss and enhance sensory alertness. It has been developed from the well-known original supplement, Hydroxycut.

According to the manufacturers, Muscletech, this new ‘next gen’ formula has been redesigned to provide a next-level stimulant experience.

Muscletech are a common name in the world of supplements and their range extends from fat burners through to whey protein. They’re spread a little more thinly than Roar Ambition who can be considered specialists, however their selection is popular.

The Result: Both of these supplements come from well-known, respected supplement companies – it’s a draw!

Ingredients and Research

Here, we’ll look more closely at the heart of every good supplement – the formula.

The ingredient selection and serving sizes are what deliver weight loss results and can be the game-changer on who comes out on top in this Instant Knockout CUT vs Hydroxycut review.

Instant Knockout CUT ingredients

Instant Knockout CUT supplement facts

Every Instant Knockout CUT ingredient is completely natural. This is the first sign of a good formula for us, as proprietary blends and synthetic ingredients are often the hallmark of a lack of research and potentially dangerous side effects.

Four capsules every day and only nine ingredients allows for larger servings sizes, and we noted that many of the key ingredients are present in generous portions. This should indicate excellent results.

Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) – This is a widely used stimulant that scientific research has shown to increase physical energy [1] and mental focus [2]. Caffeine is also a proven thermogenic, so it can help to increase your overall calorie burn [3].

Glucomannan (1800mg) – Also known as konjac root, this is one of natures most powerful and effective appetite suppressants. Scientific research has proven its ability to reduce cravings ahead of a meal can lead to weight loss [4]. This is a very generous portion.

Green Tea Extract (500mg) – Green tea contains powerful thermogenic compounds called catechins, which can increase your metabolic rate, elevating your overall calorie burn [5]. This has been shown to lead to enhanced weight loss [5].

Cayenne Pepper (100mg) – Alkaloids called capsaicin within cayenne pepper are thermogenic ingredients, proven to raise your metabolism and burn more calories [6]. It also encourages fat oxidization, so your body is primed to use fat for energy [6].

Vitamin B6 (5mg) – This B vitamin has been linked to influencing a higher metabolism and heightening fat oxidization [7].

L-Theanine (100mg) – this amino acid works alongside caffeine to enhance the stimulant’s benefits, for improved focus, drive and energy[13], whilst keeping negative side effects like jitters at bay. It’s also a proven appetite suppressant[14] and has stress-fighting abilities too[15].

Hydroxycut ingredients

hydroxycut supplement facts in instant knockout vs hydroxycut review

This is also a completely natural formula, which doesn’t rely on proprietary blends.

There are only seven ingredients within this formula, once again allowing for larger serving sizes. However, the number of capsules you take can vary depending on your tolerance, and the manufacturers recommend anything from one to four capsules a day.

All the servings listed below are based on two capsules a day.

L-Omithine HCI (500mg) – This supplement has been proven to help reduce fatigue during exercise [8].

Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg) – Caffeine helps to deliver both mental [2] and physical energy [1]. As a thermogenic it can also help to enhance calorie burn and metabolic rate [3].

Green Coffee Bean Extract (200mg) – This contains a little caffeine, but the main benefit of green coffee is that it contains high levels of chlorogenic acid, which can lower fat absorption [9].

Green Tea Extract (150mg) – Science has shown this to be one of the most powerful natural fat burners [5], however Instant Knockout CUT contains a much higher portion.

Red Sage Extract (50mg) – This is also known as Salvia. It contains psychoactive chemicals that can cause hallucinations. When paired with panax ginseng it can help to delay the onset of vascular stiffness after exercise [10], however it’s also been linked to triggering psychotic episodes, making it a potentially dangerous addition to this formula [11].

Note: We were disappointed to see that Hydroxycut doesn’t contain any kind of appetite suppressant, and has underserved, or simply not included key thermogenic compounds. This reduces its effectiveness as a fat burner and diet support. What’s more the inclusion of Salvia is a potentially dangerous addition.

The Result: Instant Knockout CUT contains larger servings sizes, is completely safe and uses appetite suppressants – it’s ingredient profile takes the win.

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Serving Sizes

Here we’ll examine the serving sizes and distribution of these formulas, to discover which could give you the most effective and safest experience when it comes to Instant Knockout CUT vs Hydroxycut.

Instant Knockout CUT

You’ll receive your fat burning formula across four capsules with Instant Knockout CUT. Each bottle of the product provides 120 pills, which equates to 30 days of regular and consistent supplementation.

Four capsules a day is optimal, as it helps to keep energy levels on at a high level throughout the day, rather than deliver a spike. By spreading out the servings, you’ll also be able to keep your body in a thermogenic state, which is ideal for keeping our metabolism high throughout the day.


The servings in this supplement may vary, depending on your tolerance. Each container of Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen offers 100 capsules, which equates to 50 servings, if you stick to two pills a day.

While the supplement facts base the ingredient portions on two capsules a day, the manufacturer suggests taking up to four if you can. If you find you need more than two, the value of the product could reduce significantly.

However, four capsules a day provides a 500mg serving of caffeine a day which, alongside the addition of green coffee bean and green tea, will see your stimulant intake well over the 400mg upper limit recommended by the US Department of Agriculture [12]. This could potentially be unsafe and warrant unpleasant side effects.

We’d recommend sticking with two capsules a day to be safe. Although this is the better option, it could focus the effects of the thermogenic ingredients and the energizing stimulants into two spikes, rather than a consistent release.

The Result: Instant Knockout CUT uses responsible yet powerful servings sizes and provides a month’s worth of supplementation in every bottle – It wins this round. 

Safety and Side Effects

Here we’ll fully explore the supplement facts of Instant Knockout CUT vs Hydroxycut to establish which are safe to consume and which may cause side effects.

Instant Knockout CUT

Our review of Instant Knockout CUT reassuringly found it to be completely natural and safe to use for the long term.

The only thing you should consider is the additional caffeine in your diet. At 300mg a day, it’s well below the recommended safe upper limit [12], however it can lead to side effects if you are sensitive or have too much. That being said, the addition of L-theanine also works with caffeine to alleviate any harsh side effects from the stimulant – such as jitters or anxiety – so you can enjoy the energy boost without the worry.

We’d recommend you reduce your overall stimulant intake to accommodate for this extra serving, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Do not take any supplement containing caffeine if there is a chance you could be pregnant.

Other than that, we happily rate Instant Knockout CUT as a safe fat burner supplement.


Although this supplement is completely natural, we are concerned about a few of the ingredients in this formula.

While the amount of caffeine in this supplement is fine for just two capsules, if you take the recommended three or four, it could be considered excessive, and potentially too much for women.

Four capsules offer 500mg of the stimulant, which is 100mg above the maximum amount recommended [12].

It also contains an ingredient called salvia, which can cause hallucinations and contains psychoactive properties. This could trigger psychotic episodes, so we don’t rate it as safe, or particularly effective as part of a fat burner supplement.

The Result: Instant Knockout CUT offers a much safer stimulant level, which is essential for fat burners for women – Instant Knockout CUT wins.

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Cost and Value

Instant Knockout CUT Cost

One bottle: $59/£35

Two bottles: $118/£70

Three bottles + one free bottle + free delivery: $185/£110

Hydroxycut Cost

100 capsules: $39.99

180 capsules: $49.99

On first glance, it appears that Instant Knockout CUT is the more expensive of the two supplements.

If you stick to the two capsules a day for Hydroxycut, then it certainly is the cheaper of the two.

However, if you feel the need to up your serving sizes as recommended by MuscleTech, this supplement will last  just 25 days rather than 50. Therefore you’ll have to buy twice as much of the supplement simply for it to last.

That instantly halves the value of Hydroxycut.

When it comes to value for money, both the capsule distribution and the intelligent and safe formula puts Instant Knockout CUT on top.

The Result: While Hydroxycut looks cheaper on the surface, Instant Knockout CUT offers more value for money and servings per bottle – Instant Knockout CUT wins


After performing our Instant Knockout Cut vs Hydroxycut review, these is the final results:

  • Brand Authority and Product: Draw
  • Ingredients and Research: Instant Knockout CUT
  • Serving Sizes: Instant Knockout CUT
  • Safety and Side Effects: Instant Knockout CUT
  • Cost and Value: Instant Knockout CUT

After careful analysis of the two formulas, it’s clear that Instant Knockout CUT left Hydroxycut in the dust. The intelligent, safe, well-dosed supplement impressed on all fronts, where the other was lacking key fat burner support systems, missing thermogenic ingredients and could potentially be dangerous.

Overall, we’d highly recommend Instant Knockout Cut as the best fat burner available today, for men and women.

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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.


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