Mind Lab Pro Review 2021 – Read Before You Buy

Read our review of Mind Lab Pro and find out if this popular formula has what it takes to increase your brain power

Introducing Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a well-established favorite in the world of nootropic supplementation.

Neurohackers across the world revere the product, and it certainly looks the part. The clean-cut, clinical looking bottle smacks of ‘fresh from the lab’ quality.

It may look like a quality, reliable product, and it may be one of the most popular choices out there, but we want to know if Mind Lab Pro really lives up to hype.

To find out, we need to delve into a Mind Lab Pro review.

We’ll take a closer look into the supplement facts to find out just how potent the ingredients are, whether they’re correctly dosed and if this nootropic can deliver the range of cognitive improvements it promises.

Our review of Mind Lap Pro will also give us insight into how well suited this supplement is for women. We want to know if it’s optimized to help females with the unique cognitive challenges we face on a daily basis.

We know the hormonal makeup of women makes us more susceptible to the effects of stress and anxiety than men, and a nootropic that can help alleviate these symptoms is ideal for females.

Mind Lab Pro claims to help get your brain firing on all cylinders, providing benefits across a wide array of cognitive functions. Among these functions, they say you’ll have improved brain energy, your memory will be better, you’ll learn more easily, and your mood will be enhanced.

On top of this, they claim the formula can help to improve overall brain health and improve mental performance for students, athletes, professionals and active over 55’s.

The key ingredients are well known to us, potent and backed by significant amounts of scientific research. In our Mind Lab Pro review, we’ll be looking into exactly what role these ingredients play within the formula, and how well dosed they are.

We’ll also use this information to establish exactly how safe the supplement is. We’re looking for an entirely natural ingredient profile, along with good dosages and no proprietary blends to ensure it’s risk free and safe to use in the long term.

All of this should determine whether or not you’ll have a clean experience on this nootropic, that’s free of side effects.

During this review, we’ll be using a carefully developed processto provide unparalleled insight into the effectiveness of Mind Lab Pro. This, combined with years of collective experience in the world of supplementation and nutrition, helps us to ascertain exactly how good this nootropic really is.

What are the benefits?

Pinning down what ‘improved cognitive function’ means is no easy task. To understand how Mind Lab Pro can help you, your mind and your mental performance, we’ve split the benefits down slightly. These are the ways you’ll feel the nootropic manifest in your day-to-day.

Improves memory

Memory is an essential part of life, whether you’re a professional or a student. This formula can help to improve your recall abilities, which also translates as heightened learning skills and information retention.

Enhances performance

Performance can be difficult to define. However, with Mind Lab Pro this can be defined by enhanced attention span, quicker processing speeds, heightened focus and a more creative approach to problem solving.

Improves mood and mindset

This is essential for women, as science tells us we’re prone to more fluctuations in mood and stress levels due to hormone changes. Mind Lab Pro can help to reduce the symptoms of stress, improve mood balance and allow you to relax, even in high pressure situations.

Maintains brain health

Mind Lab Pro also offers a number of maintenance properties that can help to protect your brain in the long run. They can keep you sharper for longer, delay the onset of aging and repair cells that naturally decline as you grow older.


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Is Mind Lab Pro safe?

To establish the safety of this product, we need to take a good look at the supplement facts. By analyzing the ingredients used and comparing their dosages with the latest scientific releases, we can understand if there are any risks involved with this kind of supplementation.

After close review, we found every ingredient to be completely natural and safe to use. You shouldn’t expect any unwanted side effects from this supplement profile.

It’s also completely free of proprietary blends, providing a clean, risk-free formula that you can trust.

Do not use Mind Lab Pro to treat any existing illnesses you may have. Always speak to your physician before altering your medication in any way.

Mind lab pro ingredients review

Mind Lab Pro ingredients

The Mind Lab Pro formula is made up of eleven high-grade, well-researched ingredients which have earned it its place in the upper echelons of nootropic supplementation.

Based on our research, we can see that each ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver a rounded nootropic performance that enhances a number of cognitive functions.

Eleven is a good amount of ingredients. Dosed over two capsules, this gives the manufacturers room to provide generous portions, rather than overfilling and under-dosing.

However, we do think there is potential to further enhance this formula and improve the dosages either by increasing the number of capsules taken per day to create more room for bigger servings, or by reducing the number of ingredients.

Despite this, our analysis of the formula has revealed highly effective, potent formula that will have a positive effect on your cognitive performance. To help you find out how, we’ve listed out all the main ingredients below.

  1. Citicoline

This ingredient is a common element of many nootropics due to the plethora of benefits it’s shown to have on the brain [1]. Steady supplementation of citicoline has been linked to strengthening the signals between neurons and heightening brain cell energy.

It’s also been shown to aid in brain cell regeneration and repair [1].

You’ll feel these benefits as improved memory, attention span and focus. Citicoline can also elevate your mood and offer long-term brain health benefits.

  1. Phosphatidylserine

This compound makes up around 15% of fats within the brain and is essential to maintaining long-term neural health. It also optimizes the effectiveness of receptors and supports key neurotransmitters [2].

On top of that it’s been known to increase brain cell energy and even have a positive impact on your Nerve Growth Factor levels [3].

All of this will sharpen up your memory and improve recall abilities. It’s also been shown to increase brain health, which will slow natural degeneration and maintain high mood levels.

  1. Bacopa Monnieri

This is a familiar face in the world of nootropic supplements. Science shows the bacosides in bacopa monnieri act as antioxidants within the brain [4]. This helps to keep you brain performing at it’s best and contributes to reducing the natural decline that comes with aging.

Research has revealed that you’ll benefit from improved memory, recall and information retention [5].

It also heightens mood and improves clarity, which can be essential to increasing performance in a high-pressure situation.

  1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom

The lion’s mane mushroom has been shown to nourish the brain and stimulate the release of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) [6]. This is linked to improved regeneration and increased neural plasticity, meaning nerves are repaired more easily and protected in the long run.

In research, this has been shown to manifest itself by improving memory and learning ability, as well as boosting mood balance [7].

This is a key player in the nootropic fight against stress, which is essential in a nootropic for women.

  1. L-theanine

When it comes to combatting the symptoms of stress, this is another powerhouse ingredient. Within the mind, l-theanine has been shown to increase your alpha brainwaves, creating a powerful feeling of calm alertness, which has been linked to heightened activity [8].

It can also promote an increase in mood-boosting neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA and dopamine.

Ingredients Amount per serving
Bacopa Monnieri150mg
Lions Mane Mushroom 500mg
Maritime Pine Bark Extract75mg
Rhodiola Rosea50mg
Vitamin B62.5mg
Vitamin B9100mcg
Vitamin B127.5mcg

How to take Mind Lab Pro

With such a well-dosed nootropic, we suggest you follow the advice of the manufacturer when taking Mind Lab Pro. This is both to ensure safety, and effectiveness. If you over- or under- supplement with this nootropic, you may not feel the full benefits and you could put your health at risk.

Mind Lab Pro base their servings on two capsules a day, taken in one go. They suggest you plan your serving for after breakfast or lunch with a large glass of water to wash it down. You can alter the time you take the supplement to suit when you expect to need cognitive support.

They say you can also have a second serving if you find you have a high tolerance, reaching a total of four capsules spread out across the day. While this may boost results, it also cuts the amount of servings you have in one container in half, which will impact the value of Mind Lab Pro.

With this nootropic, we also suggest you try to be as consistent as possible. Research has shown that regular supplementation is the best way to reap the reward of many ingredients in this mix.

How much is Mind Lab Pro?

A single container of Mind Lab Pro will provide you with 60 capsules. If you opt for the suggested servings size of 2 capsules a day, this equates to 30 days of the supplement.

You may decide to opt for four capsules a day if your tolerance is high, in which case it will only last you around 15 days. This is worth considering at this point, as it will have a big impact on the value of the product. It may be a better idea to opt for a supplement with higher doses instead.

One bottle of Mind Lab Pro costs: $65 or £40

The manufacturers offer a promotion where, if you buy three containers of Mind Lab Pro, you get a fourth for free, along with free worldwide shipping. This will make the nootropic more cost efficient if you decide to stick with it in the long term.

The verdict

We’re certain this nootropic will help you to boost your overall cognitive performance. From enhanced memory to long term brain health, this formula can deliver it all.

What’s more, it has some excellent benefits for women. The mood-balancing elements combined with the stress-combating ingredients will help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety females experience as hormonal changes impact the brain.

The formula is made up of high-grade, entirely natural ingredients which guarantee a very high level of safety. The manufacturers have even gone as far as to exclude all allergens and to make Mind Lab Pro vegan friendly.

There’s no denying it’s one of the highest performing nootropics available. However, it missed out on the top spot simply because Hunter Focus offers more generous dosages, that are aligned with the scientific research surrounding the nootropic values of the ingredients.

Better dosages of l-theanine, bacopa monnieri, maritime pine bark and l-tyrosine would reap better results from each of these ingredients and elevate your experience.

Larger servings over more capsules would also help to maintain a higher level of cognitive function throughout the day, rather than just a spike when you take the supplement.

In terms of price, it’s at the higher end of the spectrum. However, the value depends on your tolerance. You might find it more worthwhile to opt for a slightly more generously dosed nootropic that will last you longer, rather than doubling up and halving the number of servings you have per container.

A more potent formula could help you out in the long run.


  • Boosts memory and recall abilities
  • Enhances learning and information retention
  • Keeps brain health high
  • Elevates mood
  • Combats the symptoms of stress
  • Completely safe, entirely natural ingredients


  • Value depends on your tolerance
  • Better dosed options out there

Total score


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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.


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