Good Supplements for Glute Development

When it comes to bad ass female strength combined with sexy curves, it’s all about glute development. 

Building up a pair of peachy, impressive glutes can be tough. But with the right training program and supplements you’ll take your booty gains into the stratosphere.

Which supplements help you build beautiful booty muscle though? 

We take a look…

A Bit About The Booty – Glute Development Training

Your glutes are a group of powerful, athletic and sexy muscles.

And that’s the key phrase here – it’s not an individual muscle, it’s a group.

Glutes is short for gluteals. You might know it as as your booty, butt, rear, ass or buns.

Either way, it’s the in thing right now for women that want to heighten their sexiness and show off their curves.

If you’re planning on training, eating and supplementing to make the most of your glute development, you need to understand what these muscles do.

  • Glute Maximus – this is the largest muscle in your glutes and is responsible for extending your leg behind you body, as well as clenching your butt cheeks.
  • Glute Medius – you’ll find this much smaller muscle on the outside of your hip. It’s used to stabilize your pelvis during walking. It also raises your leg out to the side.
  • Glute Minimus – located just below your medius muscle, this tiny triangle-shaped muscle assists your medius.

Benefits of glute development training

Whether it’s because you want to jump higher, run faster or just look better, booty training is important.

There’s nothing more confidence building than being able to flaunt your hourglass figure in a nice pair of skinnies or summer dress.

And when it comes to the sports field, good glute development is a huge factor in power production, speed and stability.

Not only that, women with stronger glutes have lower knee injury rates, better posture, stronger bones and less back pain too.

Training for glute development

To stimulate muscle growth you’ve got to look at more than just supplements.

Performing 6-15 reps of different exercise, each hitting a slightly varied area of your glutes is key to building up function, muscle and performance.

Our favorite butt exercises at SpotMeGirl include:

  • Hip thrusts
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Side lying clams
  • Banded lateral walks
  • High step-ups

Get into a calorie surplus to build muscle

Diet is crucial for muscle building. If you’re skimping on the calories you can’t expect to build significant amounts of muscle.

By eating enough energy your body has spare building blocks to make new muscle cells. It’s the nutrient ammunition you need to enhance your curves.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t build muscle if you’re low on calories. It just makes it much harder.

Young woman performing gymnastics for glute development

Supplements for Developing Your Glutes

Once you’ve nailed your training and diet it’s time to think about supplements.

Here are the best ones:

#1. Protein

Protein provides the building blocks your body needs to restore lost muscle, recover from intense training and build new cells.

Without it, you’ll not achieve the glute development you’re after.

Not so much a supplement as a food this one.

Whey comes from milk and contains all of the amino acids (individual protein building blocks) our body needs to build muscle, whether that’s in your booty or anywhere else.

A supplement just makes it easier to fit into your hectic diet.

To maximize muscle building you only need around 0.7-1 grams of protein per pound of body weight. That’s only 140 grams for an average weight woman.

Chances are you’ll get this from a healthy diet without a whey protein supplement.

But it is an option.

#2. Testosterone Boosters

Gone are the days when all-natural, nutrient-based testosterone boosters were thought to be for men only.

Packed with hormone-optimizing ingredients, testosterone boosters provide a number of benefits for the health-conscious woman that needs a good supplement for glute development.

Not only that, a good-quality testosterone booster helps in other ways too:

  • Optimized metabolism for better fat burning
  • More energy for increased fitness and resilience
  • More confidence
  • Regulates your menstrual cycles
  • Elevates your libido

…and of course it boosts muscle protein synthesis to help with that all-important glute development.

You might be worried that testosterone is a ‘male’ hormone that’ll provide nothing with side effects.

But don’t be concerned – many athletic women are now turning to natural testosterone boosters to help them shape, curve and sculpt their bodies.

And with women suffering a huge drop in their own natural testosterone levels between the ages of 20-40, a booster is what you need to bring those hormone levels back up to normal levels.

Our favorite testosterone booster at SpotMeGirl is TestoFuel. It provides optimal doses of vitamins and minerals that’ll ramp up your results in no time.

From vitamin D3 and zinc, to magnesium and fenugreek. This is your best opportunity yet to build the booty you want.

Good Supplements for Glute Development 3

Woman in white swimwear with glute development on beach

#3. Fat Burners

Having a tighter, narrower waist is important for accentuating your hourglass figure.

If you’ve got a curvier booty but an even curvier waistline, it’ll mask your assets.

So don’t just focus on glute development for a bangin’ body.

Focus on getting lean too.

Fat burners are a group of all-natural nutrients that boost metabolism, suppress your appetite, target higher rates of fat loss and give you the energy you need to workout harder and for longer.

Our favorite fat burner nutrients include:

  • Glucomman – a natural fiber that swells in your stomach to help you feel fuller for longer.
  • Green tea – a worldwide phenomenon that tackles fat cells from a number of angles. Not only is it potent in antioxidants and plant phenols, it also directly reduces body fat.
  • Cayenne pepper extract – a well known hot pepper, cayenne pepper contain the potent thermogenic nutrient capsaicin. Clinical trials have shown that this extract elevates your metabolism and helps control blood sugar.

By far the best fat burner supplement we’ve come across on our many hours of supplement experimentation is Instant Knockout CUT – in fact we have it as our number one fat burner.

It contains all of the premium nutrients you’d expect in a fat burning supplement, expertly dosed to give you fast results.

Best Fat Burners For Women

#4. Creatine

When you’re exercising at high intensity, your body uses creatine to generate ATP – your body’s energy currency.

The problem is that without a supplement, you don’t get a great deal from food (even less if you’re vegetarian).

If you’re serious about strength training and your aim is to use a supplement to develop your glutes, creatine is a good option.

The benefits of creatine include:

  • Better strength and power
  • Build muscle volume
  • May enhance recovery
  • Good for cognitive health

Not everyone suits creatine, and many women report gastric bloating and stomach issues when they take it.

But if you’re a ‘responder‘ to it, creatine will really spike your glute development, as well as overall athleticism.

#5. Vitamin D3

You’ll find the ‘sunshine vitamin’ in most premium testosterone boosters and even some fat burners like Instant Knockout CUT.

But it’s worth a special mention here too, just because of how potent it is.

Found to boost heart health, muscle recovery, maintain healthy bones, keep your blood healthy and build muscle, vitamin D3 is the athletes’ supplement of choice when it comes to peak performance.

It also boosts fertility, immune system health and might even decrease the risk of some female cancers.

We’d recommend skipping a standalone vitamin D3 supplement and going for a testosterone booster instead. You’ll get all of the vitamin D3 you need, plus other glute developing nutrients on top.

Summary – Developing Your Glutes With Supplements

Once you’ve nailed your diet and ]training it’s time to throw in some supplements to finish off that slinky silhouette.

There are a small number of supplements that you can use to speed up glute development and build those booty muscles.

Combine them with a solid exercise program and you’ll have buns of steel in no time.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a bit confused about the whole calorie surplus thing. I am wanting to build/develop muscle. My base caloric intake is 1300, i exercise minimum of 4 maximum of 6 times per week. When i workout my caloric intake increases on average to 1800. I am also looking at reducing my overall body fat so i’m being told to be in a caloric defiect for this to occur. I currently weight 65.5kg.


    1. Hi Lauren, what is your main goal? If you want to build muscle, it’s best to eat more healthy foods and lift heavy weights to tear and repair new muscle fibers. This is typically known as bulking. Then, once you’re happy with the amount of muscle you have, you can start to adjust your training and dieting methods. You could then decrease your calories, or increase your activity through cardio. There’s no hard and fast rule to this. Sticking to the basics is always the best. Set a goal for one month, then move onto another. For example; Month One – Build more muscle. Month Two – increase cardio and maintain strength. If you’re ever in doubt talk to your health professional first. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi I’m trying to be in shape, I have a big tummy and a flat booty, how do I burn fat while trying to build glute muscles?

  3. Do a lot of cardio, watch your Calorie intake. And add in some glue work outs. The banded glute work outs are really nice to shape and lift your bum. The cardio and calorie reduction will help with any unwanted fat and help with weight loss. Rule of thumb, if you want to loose weight, use lighter weight so that you can do a lot of reps. Like 10-15 reps. Or even more. If you’re trying to just build muscle and gain, use a heavier weight to where you can only do about 6-8 reps. Some ab work outs will help with the Tummy specifically too.

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