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Can Fat Burners Cause Hair Loss?

As women we take pride in our head-to-toe appearance. We work hard to build our bodies and keep lean and sexy. We sweat, breathe hard and lift heavy stuff to look and feel the best we can.

But there’s more to feeling phenomenal than just having athletic, curvy muscles or a slender waistline.

You want your shoes to be bangin’ and your make-up to be on-point.

And by no means least, you want to have hair that looks healthy, natural and bouncy. It’ll show off your fun, sexy and feminine side for sure.

It’s okay when you’re blasting through a HIIT workout – you’ll more than likely tie your hair back and not even think about it. After all, when the workout gets tough, there’s nothing worse than being red-faced and blind from sweaty hair in your eyes.

But when you’re away from the gym, hitting up the bar or out with friends, your hair is the first thing that people notice. It shows your personality and sets off your whole look.

Dry, brittle hair that’s getting thinner and thinner is one of those things you really want to avoid. You lose your confidence and you just don’t feel like your usual self.

Could fat burners really cause hair loss? In this article we take a look…

What Are Fat Burner Supplements?

Fat burners are dietary supplements used to speed up fat loss results. They use natural nutrients to help you melt more fat and reach your goals in double time.

As one of the most popular kinds of health supplement on the market, fat burners are used by everyone from pro athlete sportspeople to bodybuilders and figure athletes.

They’re also used by women like you that want to drop a few pounds before a holiday or school reunion.

And with great results too.

Harnessing the power of natural nutrients to speed up fat loss

Like many supplements, fat burners are as good as the ingredients that go into it.

You could pay budget prices and get supplements that leave you feeling flat, disappointed and still clinging onto that extra belly fat you’re working so hard to cut.

Or you can spend that bit more and get a life-changing, simple and natural fat burner that’ll change your bod and your confidence.

Premium fat burner supplements are not only safe to use, but are loaded with bioactive nutrients that seek out fat cells with sniper-like precision. They use potent formulas that are research-led, and cover ever angle of body composition.

Best Fat Burners For Women

Her are just a few of the benefits we’ve experienced from fat burners:

  • Give you more energy to smash through your workouts
  • Trigger direct fat burning through various physiological processes
  • Elevate metabolism and thermogenic fat burning pathways
  • Help you develop a leaner, curvier silhouette

Nutrients that burn fat and keep you lean and sexy

For rapid and safe fat loss you need to go with ingredients that work.

Top-quality fat burners use a small range of well-dosed nutrients that have a solid clinical backing. If there isn’t a water-tight batch of research studies showing that they work in human participants, they don’t make it into the mix.

The best nutrients vary from brand to brand. But these are the ones we’ve had great results with in the past:

  • Caffeine – shown to improve sports performance and directly incinerate fat cells
  • Glucomannan – helps you control hunger and cravings
  • Green tea – a super food nutrient that boosts energy and fat cells
  • Cayenne pepper – stimulates thermogenic increases in metabolic rate
  • Green coffee extract – controls blood sugar and insulin sensitivity

Woman with long hair doing plank

Could A Fat Burner Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss could be caused by a number of things. Here are some of the more common reasons you could be losing your hair:

  • Androgenetic alopecia – pattern baldness
  • Alopecia areata – sudden hair loss due to an autoimmune disease
  • Telogen effluvium – higher than normal number of dormant hair follicles.

Telogen effluvium in particular doesn’t really have a single cause, and can be the result of a number of triggers, including stress, pregnancy, poor diet or illness.

There’s no link between fat burners and hair loss at all. Not one research paper or clinical trial shows a link between fat burners and hair loss.

Using fat burners and keeping your hair looking healthy

Every now and then you’ll hear a claim that fat burners cause side effects.

Mostly because those writing the reviews bought a less-than-reputable brand that had something like ephedrine in it.

Or they went all out and bought some concoction of clenbuterol, garcinia cambogia or synephrine (by the way you should avoid all of these as they’re mega unsafe) instead of clinically safe and effective ingredients.

The bottom line is that with the right fat burner supplement you wont cause hair loss. And some nutrients such as zinc could even promote hair growth  

There’s just no actual research to back up the link between commercial fat burners and any changes to your perfectly layered hair-do.

Best Fat Burners For Women

There’s no link between fat burners and hair loss

On some websites you’ll occasionally see that fat burners are blamed for hair loss.

That’s because rapid changes to metabolic rate are very much associated with hair loss.

But the only actual research on this link comes from patients that suffer from thyroid issues. So while huge spikes in metabolism could cause hair loss, that’s nothing to do with fat burner supplements, which increase metabolic rate smoothly, and without decreases in nutrient intake.

Rapid dieting could cause hair loss though

A healthy lifestyle comes with its own pressures.

As women were told that we have to look our best – and this can force many people to go down the riskier line choices of weight loss.

There’s a clear link between crash dieting and hair loss.

Restricting your nutrient intake forces your body to shut down some of the less essential physiological processes your body has to regulate each day.

And unfortunately, when it comes to long-term health on a restricted diet, hair loss, skin dryness and brittle nails are all a sure fire sign of malnourishment.

The great thing about fat burners is that they allow a smoother cruise to weight loss. They let you hit your daily nutrition targets even help to top you up nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc and chromium.

Basically, fat burner supplements help you lose weight without having to risk the hair loss side effects of crash dieting.

Summary – Fat Burners Don’t Cause Hair Loss

Fat burner supplements help to speed up your weight loss results by supercharging your metabolism and giving you the energy you need to make every workout count.

Very occasionally you’ll find that fat burners are blamed for hair loss. And that’s not the case. The only time causes you’ll experience diet-induced hair loss is if you cut out all healthy foods and choose to follow a crash diet for months and months.

If your diet is well structured and you don’t skimp on fat burning nutrients you won’t suffer hair loss.

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