Powher Down Review – Can It Promote Better Sleep?

Introducing Powher Down Sleep Support

We all know a good night’s sleep is integral to achieving our best – whether that be at home or at work. The benefits are enormous. A decent sleep can improve cognitive performance like memory, concentration and productivity[1]; it can enhance your exercising abilities by optimizing your speed and reaction times[2]; can reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes[3] and can even have a huge impact on weight management, with several studies linking obesity potential to poor sleep quality[4].

Powher Down focuses on giving you a better night-time experience overall, potentially having a terrific impact on your overall wellbeing – especially if you regularly struggle sleeping in general.

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But does this really work? And, if it does, is it safe to use? Sleeping pills can vary from strength to ingredients and can have some very adverse side effects if they’ve not been properly put together, so let’s see how Powher Down fairs as we delve deeper into this supplement and uncover if it’s right for you. This is our Powher Down review.

Benefits of Powher Down Sleep Support

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Helps you fall asleep quicker

One of Powher Down’s major benefits is its ability to help you fall asleep quicker. One of the worst things about poor sleep can be to do with actually getting to sleep. The last thing you want to be doing is tossing and turning.

Powher Down uses ingredients like melatonin which is known as the sleep hormone, which works with your body’s internal clock to get you mentally ready for bed. Increased levels of melatonin can regulate your body temperature, blood pressure and hormone levels[5] making it easier to get to sleep.

Promotes a more relaxed state before bed

Part of the reason melatonin helps you get to sleep quicker is its ability to put you into a restful state before bedtime[6]. By increasing melatonin levels, you can feel less stressed therefore happier before going to sleep[7].

Powher Down also incorporates other ingredients like L-Tryptophan and chamomile – both linked to improving your mood[8], alleviating anxiety[9] [10] and reducing stress[11], putting you in a more positive frame of mind before you fall asleep.

May help you lose weight

Whilst this isn’t its main purpose, Powher Down could help if you’re trying to lose weight. Many people don’t realize what a damaging effect lack of sleep can have when it comes to weight loss.

Although there are no definitive answers, poor sleepers have been linked to obesity many times with studies showing people who have shorter sleep durations are 89% more likely to develop obesity[12]. This could be due to sleep deprivation stimulating a higher level of ghrelin – the hormone which stimulates appetite leading to more snacking[13] or a distinct lower level of athletic performance ability[14] and motivation to exercise in general[15]. Basically, if you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy figure, you’re more likely to achieve it if you improve your sleep quality and Powher Down can help you do that.

Could optimize brain performance

Obviously, if you’re tired, your brain capacity can suffer considerably. Getting enough quality sleep can help alleviate that. In Powher Down, they have used brain enhancing substances like melatonin and serotonin-inducing L-Tryptophan which have been proven to help promote memory and learning[16] meaning you can optimize your brain power which could significantly benefit both work and home life.

Could boost your immune system

Using high antioxidants like chamomile and melatonin, you could see improvement in your overall immune health. Melatonin has been known to promote eye care and treat the likes of stomach ulcers and heartburn[17], whilst chamomile can help with pain relief, skin irritation, digestive upset like indigestion and even has anti-cancer properties[18].

Could help alleviate the jet lag feeling – especially if you do shift work

If you have a shift-orientated job and often work nights, it can have a detrimental impact on your sleep quality, leaving you feeling ‘jet lagged’ on occasion. Powher Down incorporates substances like magnesium which has been linked to alleviating fatigue[19], migraines[20] and general low mood[21] to help combat this.

Combined with the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, calming chamomile and mood boosting l-tryptophan, you can enjoy a better quality of sleep, even if you’re sleeping through the day.

Is Powher Down safe?

There’s certainly a stigma when it comes to ‘sleeping’ pills, especially since there can be all sorts of different ones, at different strengths with a whole variety of ingredients.

With Powher Down, it comes from a reputable company who use FDA registered facilities and are GMP Certified. They are also very vocal about their rigorous research and testing programs, as well as their dosages plus they have a well-established collection of highly popular products so you can rest assured its credibility as a brand.

The entire product is 100% transparent, using all-natural ingredients with scientifically evidenced results when it comes to promoting sleep quality.

In terms of side effects, chamomile and l-tryptophan taken in excess could have some adverse effects, however the dosages have been carefully measured to ensure these are not felt. However, as with any supplement, it is always best to consult your doctor if you are worried about any of the ingredients.

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Known as the sleep hormone, melatonin is naturally produced by your body to promote sleep. By working with your body’s circadian rhythm – or internal clock – it readies you for bed time[22] with increased levels that put you into a relaxed state so it’s easier to fall asleep[23]. Often, melatonin levels can be damaged by various day-to-day factors, such as stress[24], exposure to too much light[25] not getting enough natural light during the day and even shift work[26].

In essence, if your melatonin levels are low, you’ll struggle to reach that level of calm and relax needed to fall asleep efficiently.

We know that the stresses of our daily routine can get on top of us at times and could therefore have an impact on our ability to produce melatonin, leaving us tossing and turning at night no matter how tired we are. Powher Down helps replenish those lowered levels and ultimately helps sleep come easier – even if you’ve got things on your mind.

Not only this, but melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant with the ability to take care of everything from eye care to heartburn[27] so the added levels in Powher Down could have a more holistic impact on your body.

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Magnesium is found in many supplements as it is vital for the proper functioning of your body[28]. It has been linked to many benefits, including reducing heart disease[29], alleviating headaches and migraines[30] and even improving mood and depressive symptoms[31].

It has also been used by various types of athletes due to its contribution to things like protein synthesis and reducing tiredness and fatigue[32]. By boosting your magnesium levels with Powher Down, you could improve the overall functioning of your nervous system and enjoy a more balanced mood, meaning stress levels could be significantly reduced when it comes to getting to sleep.


This amino acid can only be provided by a supplement as it is not synthesized in your body, but is key to improving your sleep as it is converted into serotonin when ingested – as well as acting as a precursor to melatonin. Serotonin, amongst being known for improving mood and brain power, also regulates your sleep wake cycles and can therefore support healthy sleep management[33]. It has also been linked to boosting your learning abilities and even combatting insomnia and panic[34].

Studies have shown that low levels of l-tryptophan have had quite an impact on mental wellbeing, with people deficient of it experiencing higher anxiety, tension and feelings of nervousness[35] – all traits that could lead to sleep deprivation.


It’s no secret that curling up with a nice hot chamomile tea can be the perfect tonic to a particularly stressful day. This ancient herb has been used for many ailments over the years, from inflammation to muscle spasms. Known for its calming properties, chamomile has also been linked to improving digestion and nausea, as well as alleviating anxiety and fundamentally promoting sleep[36]. It’s for this reason why it’s no surprise Powher Down have brought this essential oil into the mix.

Studies have shown that people who took chamomile saw a significant increase in their ability to fall asleep and improvement in their sleep quality overall[37], probably due to its anxiety-combatting qualities[38], leaving you more relaxed before and during sleep.

Ingredients Amount per serving
Magnesium 100mg
Chamomile Flower Extract350mg


How to take Powher Down Sleeping Support

To optimize the effects of Powher Down, you should take two capsules thirty minutes before you plan to go to sleep.

How much is Powher Down?

The Powher official website currently lists Powher Down as ‘Coming Soon’ so we’ll update this as soon as it becomes available.

The verdict

Overall, Powher Down does seem like a great supplement to add into your diet. For most people, the idea of taking a sleep-inducing tablet can be quite daunting – especially since there are so many out there that are filled with potentially harmful substances. With Powher Down, the limited number of ingredients are completely transparent so you can see exactly what you’re taking. Plus, everything is 100% natural, with scientific research to back up results so you can be assured of the product’s credibility and safety.

With any supplement, there are always things to consider. People’s bodies are all different so effects could vary in terms of their extent but this is true when introducing any new substance to your body.

One of the most notable things we discovered during our Powher Down review is that the product promotes and enhances components your body either already produces or needs to function better so you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects. Obviously taking too much of anything can result in potentially negative side effects but Powher are extremely vocal about their procedures when it comes to deciding on dosages, using the optimal amount from each ingredient to get the best results in a safe way.

As it’s fairly new to the market, there are limited reviews, however it does seem to have a thoroughly researched formula that could lead to results.

Ultimately, this tablet theoretically has the ability to support and help manage your sleep patterns and quality which could have some seriously positive impacts on your day-to-day life in general. If you live a hectic lifestyle, sometimes it can be hard to switch off but, as we know, optimizing your sleep can have infinite benefits, improving everything from brain capacity to physical performance and even weight management so it’s certainly worth checking out!

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  • Intelligently formulated to suit women
  • Completely natural formula
  • Scientifically backed
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Safe to use



  • Premium Price Tag
  • Limited Reviews

Final Score



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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.


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