Best Workout Programs for Women 2019

Find out which workout programs for women deliver the best results for your money in 2019

We’re all looking for the next big diet and exercise plan to get our dream physique and the internet is flooded with information. While it’s great being spoiled for choice, we also know that every Instagram influencer and personal trainer is out for our cash. It can be hard to find the right one (and one that really works.

Don’t sweat it though, we’ve got you covered.


To help you find the very best workout programs for women, we’ve rounded up all the most popular options and pitted them against each other.

Our approach to finding the best workout programs for women is a simple one. We want to know if it has what it takes to deliver a certain goal. Whether that’s building strength, shredding fat or growing muscle, the program should cater to those needs.

We know a successful workout program is about more than just hitting the gym and following instruction. A quality purchase should offer you support on all aspects of your fitness journey and should ideally come with a nutrition plan and advice documents to help accelerate you toward your goal body.

The Best Workout Programs for Women 2019


What goes in to a SMG review?

Our reviews are a result of some intensive analysis to bring you the most comprehensive and insightful report on which workout program will bring you the best results. Read on to discover how we differentiate the top workout products and perform a review.

Woman lifting weights in the best workout program for women

How we review the best workout programs for women

To find the best workout programs for women, we set up an intensive testing criteria.

We begin by looking for the most popular, highly-recommended options on the market, and pick the most promising products for review.

From there, we assess what results each workout program is promising, and then carefully compare this with the plan itself. This will give us a good idea of whether it’s an intelligent and informed program that’s likely to help you achieve your dream body.

Once we know how effective the workout plan is, we need to know how it’s supported. Hitting your fitness goals is partly about putting the work in, but it also comes hand in hand with good nutrition.

We’d expect the very best programs to come with nutrition advice at the least, but ideally, we’re looking for a food plan too. We’ll carefully analyze these too to ensure it will support the workouts you’re doing.

By providing all of this, at a good price, we can find the best workout programs for women.

What does ‘effectiveness’ mean?

When defining how well a workout program works, or the effectiveness, there are several elements that need to be accounted for.

To assess the effectiveness, we need to make sure we’ve thought of everything too. As such we have to ask ourselves some very important questions.

  • Does the workout plan meet the promises?
  • Are intelligent and proven training methods used to get the right results?
  • Who’s written the program? Are they reliable and informed?
  • Is the program supported by additional materials?
  • Will the user have access to nutrition and exercise guides?
  • Is it suitable for women?
  • Is the formatting easy to use and accessible?
  • Does all of this combine to bring you the best results?

Transforming your body takes a whole lot of work, and to really do it, consistency and dedication are essential. To give these programs a real chance, we’ll assume that anyone using them is sticking closely to the recommended plan whenever we assess effectiveness.

How does cost and value come into play?

There are several things we have to think about when we look at the value of workout programs for women.

We want to know how much you’re getting for your money. Nutrition can make or break a program, so we need to see a plan or at least a guide that will help you to get the most out of every workout and reap the best rewards.

Now, you can also opt for subscription services with workouts, rather than an upfront payment. We need to know how this benefits you on each individual program, so you can make an informed decision.

This gives us a very good idea of whether or not a plan is worth spending your money on.

woman working out using the best workout programs for women

How we find the best products to review

n a saturated market, finding the best workout programs for women is no easy job. As we said before, just about every fitness influencer has their own workout plan for sale right now.

When looking for the very best products to put through a review, we take a rigorous approach to finding the right programs.

We scour the internet, looking for the plans that are generating buzz on social media, website forums and within our fitness circles.

Finally, we take a look at the workouts the programs offer to help you find out whether or not they can deliver the body transformations they advertise. Are they well researched, backed by science and based on tried and tested training techniques?

Only when we have a workout plan that can deliver all these things do we begin our review. By taking such a meticulous approach to the selection processes, we’re filtering it down to only the best workout programs for women.

The final rep

Each of these workout programs can provide some serious transformations, both in terms of fitness and physique.

They have nutrition plans, movement guides and everything you need to get the most out of them.

We think Shape & Burn has an edge on the others, because it offers more than just fat loss and toning. This program will help you get stronger, build shape and craft the body of your dreams.

What’s more, it provides workouts that can be done at the gym rather than just at home, helping women to grow prowess and confidence within the weights room.

Having said that, buy any of these workout programs and we think you’ll definitely feel and see the benefits.

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