Get Baby Fit: Jogging Stroller Workout

When you become a new mom things that used to be easy become a whole lot tougher. Meal times all of a sudden get a little messier, and even simple stuff like sleep becomes a luxury.

There’s a lot that goes into looking after our miniature gym buddies in training. Meaning we can’t always find the necessary minutes in a day to workout. Wait, did we say a day? We meant more like a week.

For moms who used to love nothing more than hitting the gym or a weekend 10k, this can be frustrating.We miss the release of exercise and the social aspect it brought with it. Not to mention what our bodies used to look like.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you’re a real fitness fanatic who has purchased themselves a jogging stroller. Which, as we’ll explain, might just be the ultimate answer to squeezing a sweat into the kindergarten run.

So, What Is a Jogging Stroller?

woman runs with jogging stroller

Simply put, a jogging stroller is just like a regular stroller that has been adapted to deal with the rigours of running. Well, jogging too! That usually means three large wheels, suspension systems and a rugged design to handle multiple terrains.

Jogging strollers can be used just like a regular type for everyday activities. However, they are specifically designed with the running mom in mind. If you’re the type of woman who loves to exercise in the outdoors, give one a go!

Regular strollers can be flimsy and are not engineered to deal with the stress of moving at higher speeds. Their rotating wheels make them unpredictable, and they’re simply not rugged. Making rolling smoothly over dirt patches or cracks in concrete a challenge.

Your baby will be much safer strapped inside a jogging stroller. Standard adaptations include features such as; locking front wheels, safety tethers, brakes and five point harnesses.

Safety First

Keep in mind that you should not use a jogging stroller until your child is at least eight months old. Babies any younger than this just don’t have the strength to support their necks and head on a bumpy ride.

However, that said, once old enough to ride you and your baby with have years of great times. Most manufacturers make models that children up to five years old can sit in safely and comfortably.

We recommend heading to a local park to workout. As the flat surface and open space will ensure smooth running, and rolling.

Finally, when performing the following exercises, remember to hit the brakes. Make sure the stroller is stable and secure before letting go of the handles.

Get Baby Fit

The key to getting baby fit is to use a little creativity and embrace multi-taking. There’s no reason why you can’t workout and be miss fun mom at the same time.

Use this workout time as another way to interact with your baby. Pick them up, make them laugh and encourage them in play. For example, forward lunges can benefit the both of you with a little game attached.

You know your baby better than anyone else. So, it’s down to you to decide how much they are involved. If your child is sound asleep, there’s no need to wake them for any of this workout. Just let baby relax and enjoy the ride.

Now we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s get to it mom!

The Jogging Stroller Workout

woman works out in park with jogging stroller

The basis of this workout is pretty simple. If you reach the end of the workout and feel like you have another in you, go get at it. Just as all our babies are unique, the fitness level of each new mom is too. So, judge your personal ability and make the workout your own.

1Light/Moderate Jog90 Seconds
2Bodyweight Exercise10 Reps

Interval 1 – Jog (Light/Moderate)

Time – 90 seconds

Jog at a light to moderate intensity for 90 seconds. We’d recommend grabbing a timer app for your smartphone to alert you when to stop.

Try to keep your eyes out in front and maintain a controlled speed at all times. Also, ensure you aren’t jogging at an above-moderate intensity. This is also your time to recover between exercises.

Interval 2 – Bodyweight Exercises

Once the timer goes off, slow down to a controlled stop and get ready to exercise. Perform each movement for 10 reps and try to push yourself towards elevated the heart rate. On a scale of 1-10 for effort, try to hit a 6 or 7.

For exercises involving a split stance, perform 10 reps on each leg.

Exercise 1 – Tots and Squats

Reps: 10

Dropping air squats into a routine is a great way to activate and fire up the glute muscles. Plus, they’re super safe and require absolutely no weights or equipment.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make them a little tougher for yourself, though. Hold your baby close to you as you squat down. You’ll add an extra bit of resistance for yourself, and your baby will love the ride too!

Just remember to keep a neutral spine, your core engaged and weight through your heels. Maybe throw in a little peek-a-boo if baby is still in the stroller.

Exercise 2 – Forward Lunges

Reps: 10 (Each side)

The lunge is a great way to tone the thighs and build the buttocks. It’s simple and can easily be changed up to keep things fresh and challenging.

To make the lunge interesting for your baby too, we’ve opted for a forward lunge. This way you will be able to turn the whole thing into a game. Simply stand in-front of your stroller at a distance of one lunge away.

Yeah, you guessed it, it’s play time. When you lunge forward, reach out and touch hands with your child. This will keep them entertained, whilst also helping to improve your balance and core.

To make things a little tougher, try a jumping split squat.

Exercise 3 – Bench Dips

Reps: 10

When you’re a mom you’ve got to make every second count. That means you can’t just run past an empty bench without busting out a set of dips.

Bench dips are the go-to bodyweight tool for building triceps. Not only that, but by keeping your body firm during movement you’ll help combat a weak core.

To increase the intensity of this exercise, try singing a nursery rhyme to your baby. This will challenge you to keep full control of your breath, whilst also training your diaphragm.

Plus, it’ll help to keep both of you entertained.

Exercise 4 – Baby Calf Raises

Reps: 10

Not only do calf raises help build strength in the legs, they also help to improve ankle stability.

This is another opportunity for mom to get baby out of the stroller for healthy interaction. Hold your baby close to your chest, and calf raise away.

However, if the motion of a moving stroller has soothed your child to sleep, don’t wake them. Simply perform the same exercise for twice as many reps, whilst pushing the stroller outwards and back in.


Once you have finished a complete round of intervals, stop the timer. Now you can take as long as you need to catch your breath and go again.

Feel free to substitute any of these exercises for other bodyweight movements. Maybe even add in a few little extras of your own.

Why Tots and Squats?

moms interact with babies in jogging stroller

This workout is based on the tried and tested method of interval training.

By combining bodyweight exercises with short bursts of cardio. We can really squeeze the most out of our time for maximum results.

Jogging will help build our anaerobic base, whilst the additional calisthenic movements will increase our strength and muscle endurance. Not to mention, when we add the weight of a baby we create extra resistance and a chance to bond.

Also, by creating a mini-interval circuit, we are able to tap into awesome active recovery methods. Which have been proven to help muscle and cell recovery whilst we workout.

Finally, the movement of controlled jogging will help to occupy the baby. As infants find the motion of a steadily moving stroller both interesting and soothing.

Good luck mom!

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