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Fastest Way To Lift Buttocks Workout

Getting a great booty can seem like a difficult task, especially when you don’t know what the best exercises are.

However, we’ve got good news for you, we’ve put together a quick and easy step-by-step guide to help you lift your buttocks in the fastest way!

Here we’ll run through all of the exercises you’ll need to lift, and shape your buttocks in no time.

Don’t forget to read through the whole article, at the end, we’ve added in a Buttock Lifting Workout just for you!

Exercises To Lift Your Buttocks

1. Sumo Squats

The sumo squat is a highly underrated exercise that many women don’t even know about. It works the outside of the gluts, along with your thighs, and quads, giving you that shapely toned, and firm butt that you’re after.

It’s like a standard squat, however, with the sumo squat you need to open your stance slightly wider, and open your toes to point outwards. This ladies, is the sumo squat – prepare yourself for a firm booty with this exercise.

Fastest Way To Lift Buttocks Workout 9

2. Weighted Lunges

There’s one reason why the basic exercises are used over and over again, and that’s because they work. Lunges work your entire lower body, including your core muscles to help tone and shape your butt, and also your waist.

Start off by holding two dumbbells in either hand, then take one step in front of the other, then kneel down, repeating the whole movement one foot after the other.

It might be useful to find an open space to do this exercise, so you can walk from one end of the gym to the other. However, don’t worry, you can still do this exercise standing in one spot, just switch feet each time you lunge.

Top Tip: Don’t lean forward when doing the lunge, instead, go directly down into a kneeling position once you’ve stepped forward, without letting your knee hit the floor (to protect your knee). This will give you more control over the entire movement.

Fastest Way To Lift Buttocks Workout 10

3. Cable Pull Through

If you really want to target your butt, and make it perky, using cable pull throughs will isolate your ass like no other exercise. The difference between this exercise and the first two is; you can use a lighter weight and focus all of your attention on building a firm, and round buttock.

Start off by holding a rope, which is attached to the cable machine between your legs, and with your back against the machine. Then, take a few steps forward – this is your starting position.

From there, slowly allow the weight attached to the cable to pull your upper torso forward, and downwards, much like a deadlift. But this time, you’ll be able to stretch your hamstrings and glutes more efficiently.

Once you’ve fully stretched your glutes, squeeze your butt and bring your torso into an upright position, making sure to focus all of your attention on your buttocks and hamstrings throughout the whole movement.

Fastest Way To Lift Buttocks Workout 11

4. Kickbacks

The kickbacks are great for not only your glutes, but they’re also a great exercise for core stability. Kickbacks target the upper part of your buttocks, really helping you to achieve that firm lifted ass.

Start by kneeling down and placing your hands on the ground. Then, kick one leg back as far as you can, while pausing, and squeezing your butt at the top of the movement.

Repeat his movement for each leg, working one side at a time in a series of sets. If you want to make this exercise harder, place a dumbbell in the back of your knee, adding extra weight to your leg while you perform the kickback.

Fastest Way To Lift Buttocks Workout 12

Booty Lifting Workout

Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your buttock lifting workout:

  • Warm up for 5 minutes – either using dynamic movements, or on the running machine.
  • Perform a lighter warm up set before the beginning of each exercise to prevent injury.
  • Drink water to keep you energizad throughout the workout.
  • Seek profesional advice before doing any exercise, or workout you aren’t sure of.
  • Follow this routine for 3 days a week for 2 weeks for the best results.

Most importantly girls, have fun with this workout, you’ll see results in not time!

Exercise Set 1 Set 2Set 3
Sumo Squats 20 Repetitions 15 Repetitions 10 Repetitions
Weighted Lunges20 Repetitions 15 Repetitions 10 Repetitions
Cable Pull Through20 Repetitions 15 Repetitions 10 Repetitions
Kickbacks 20 Repetitions 15 Repetitions 10 Repetitions


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