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6 Reasons Why Women Go Commando at the Gym

Workout trends are constantly changing, as women frequently engineer ways to make their workout schedule work with their busy lifestyle. Who thought that one of these methods would be simply going to the gym without undies? What sounds like forgetfulness can actually solve common problems, like over-heating, excess sweating, panty lines, and too much laundry.
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In a 2015 survey done by Cotonelle, 8% of women reported going to the gym commando everytime, while 25% said they go commando sometimes. There are obvious benefits, including general increased comfort as well as a decrease in irritation. For some women with sensitive skin, skipping undies makes life a lot more pain-free. Who wants to work out when they feel suffocated down there?

1. No Panty Lines!

It’s always extremely awkward when you realize that it’s laundry day and you only have granny panties left. Once you put on yoga pants you are left with with big seams circling around your hips. Foregoing underwear isn’t more or less sanitary than wearing them, as long as the fabric of your pants/shorts is thick enough to protect you from whatever you sit on at the gym–a weight bench, bicycle seat, etc.
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2. It keeps you cool

Women have found that skipping the undies at the gym leaves them feeling a lot cooler throughout their workout. Most shorts now have built in undies that have elastic just like normal underwear. Sometimes having that extra layer is uncomfortable.
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3. No increased risk of a yeast infection

A lot of women are afraid to go commando because they feel that they are putting themselves at risk for yeast infections, but that is happily not the case. Yeast is created in wet environments, and when we sweat, our underwear obviously dampens too, so not having that extra layer might even improve the odds of not getting a yeast infection, but of course, that has yet to be proven. (Also, nothing is worse than getting a wedgie on the track, or feeling the discomfort of a thong while running).
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4. It’s Freeing

If you go for an occasional jog, you may know how chaffing feels. If you wear lacy underwear or a rougher materials, that can cause irritation. Sometimes its nice to feel freer as opposed to feel trapped in a suffocating material. A lot of times your pants and shorts will fit better when you forgo the panties, since you don’t have the pressure of extra seams pushing into your skin, and even if your undies are thin, they still take up space.
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5. Some athletic wear is made to be worn without undies!

For example the brand Dear Kate uses a special technology in order to make activewear bottoms that are leakproof and breathable so they aren’t dampened by sweat. They even have yoga crops called, “Go Commando.” If that’s not convincing, I’m not sure what is.
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6. You’ll feel sexier

Without panty lines and discomfort, you’ll feel more at ease. Sometimes we put on underwear without thinking, as if we are ashamed to be a little more naked. Having one less barrier down there makes you more aware of your sexiness, and chances are your significant other will find it sexier too.
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If you feel ready to convert to the commando lifestyle when you work out, make sure you’re mindful of what detergents you are using to wash your shorts and where the seams are in the crotch area. It’s possible that you can get chafing and irritation or small cuts if you don’t have pants with soft and breathable fabric. It’s worth looking into before you try!
6 Reasons Why Women Go Commando at the Gym 24

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