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How To Spot Fit Women In The Gym

The fitness industry is booming more than ever, with more and more fit women taking to the squat rack. Right now, an army of women are ditching the ‘cardio bunny’ look, for a more athletic, strong, empowering, and powerful physique. And rightly so!

How To Spot A Fellow Female Lifter

Whatever your goals are, whether it’s to tone up, build solid muscle, or feel like you can crush any man in your path, knowing how to spot other fit women in the gym could be a great way to meet new people, and also, a good way to learn from other fit women who lift.

Shaunna Marie showing her large leg muscles as a fit woman

No 1.

Look for Women who are in the squat rack more than the cardio machines:

It’s no secret that building massive legs are built with exercises such as the squat, weighted lunges, and deadlift. Therefore, you’ll want to keep an eye on this area, as this is where you’ll find your next lifting buddy.

Gone are the days of sweaty men hogging the weights area, so get in there and start rubbing shoulder with other like minded women!

Rahki Giovanni working out with a punching bag showing how fit women are working out hard

No 2.

Join gym classes, that’s where you’ll find women smashing it! 

I’ve seen men attempt to keep up with women in gym classes, but they always embarrass themselves on way or another, am I right girls?

“Why’s this?” you ask. Well it’s a number of reasons. Did you know that women can withstand a higher pain threshold than men? Yes that’s right, we can do more reps, and take on more pain than our counter parts – so, don’t let them fool you in thinking they’re stronger. We know what their like when they get a cold don’t we?

Also, as men are constantly trying to impress each other with a ‘who can lift more’ attitude, they forget that weight lifting, and fitness is more than just lifting heavy s*#t. It’s also about feeling good, and doing something as a group.

With that said, if you’re looking for other fit women in the gym, look no further than strength and conditioning classes.

Miranda Oldroyd showing how fit women are working hard in Crossfit

No 3.

Looking for the elite in fit women? Join Crossfit 

No offense, but if you haven’t heard of Crossfit, you’ve probably been living under a rock or some remote tropical island for the past 10 years. And if you do know about Crossfit, then I’m sure you’ve seen the huge amount of fit females who lift, run, jump, rope climb, and smash world records.

Rippling abs, huge traps, and solid leg muscles are just some of the features you’ll find on a fit Crossfit women. So, if your goal is to become a powerhouse or a Wonder Woman, then get down to your local Crossfit gym.

Gleycelilia Bracca flexing her lega and abs showing fit women are big and strong

To Summaries

Being a fit woman in this day and age has opened up a whole new way for women to feel empowered, fit, and confident. With the invention of Crossfit, like we’ve mentioned.

Along with more female lifters taking to the squat rack to build solid leg muscles, and yes, a great looking booty, we’re sure there’s still more yet to come – this is just the beginning.

In short, if you’re looking for fit women who lift, run, and look after their health, you won’t have to look far, as women are leading the way in fitness. Keep lifting girls!

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