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Burning Booty Band Workout for Women

Whether you’re looking for muscle activation tips or are simply looking for a way to mix up your training, a booty band workout will bring a new, glute-burning focus to your session.

They’re cost-effective, easy to throw in your gym bag and can give you a seriously killer workout. Resistance bands could be just what you need to mix up your training technique and improve your butt gains.

Whether you’re taking them to the gym or smashing an at-home butt workout, this piece of kit is your new best friend.

Find out how a resistance band can help you grow muscle, get a more rounded booty and even improve your squat.


Why do you need a booty band workout?

The possibilities with a booty band workout are endless. They can help you target specific muscles, isolate your glutes for a sculpted butt, and can even help you reach new heights in the squat rack.

Just as you vary the rep and set patterns of your workout, it’s important to try new training methods to really get your body working. If you’re bored with your current program or you’re putting in all the work but not feeling the results, throw in a booty band workout and watch the gains come your way.

It will provide variety in your normal workout schedule and target the muscles in a different way. A banded booty workout is also about as close as you can get to glute isolation exercises – perfect for muscle growth.

A booty band workout is different to lifting weights as it provides constant resistance for your muscles, so you’re working them non-stop from the moment you put the band on. You’ll start to feel that muscle-sculpting booty burn after just a few reps.


strong woman exercising her weighted squat

Can a booty band workout improve my squat?

Your glutes are the biggest muscle in your body, and there’s a whole lot of power in that booty. Unfortunately, sometimes your muscles aren’t fully warmed up and your compound movements alone don’t get your butt firing in the way it should. That means you’re not utilizing those muscles in the best possible way to strengthen them.

That’s where your booty band workouts come in, girl.

You can use these workouts as part of your muscle activation process before you head off to slay squats day. Trust us, this can help you recruit those big muscles, take the load off your quads and squat more efficiently. It’s everything we ever dreamed of.

Booty band workouts

To help you get what you want from these workouts, we’ve provided rep and set patterns for both muscle activation and for a full booty workout.

When it comes to the strength of the resistance band, find something that’s challenging for your set amount of reps, but not impossible. If you’re activating your muscles, choose three exercises and go a little lighter with the band so you don’t max out before your squat session – but make sure you’re still feeling the burn towards the end.


1. Banded squats

Put a spin on your usual squat and grab your band. Simply pull it up to just above your knees and it will create resistance by trying to pull your knees inwards. By resisting this pull and keeping your form and your knees in place, you’ll activate your glute muscles and your abductors. Do this bodyweight if you’re trying out activation, or add some iron for an extra muscle-building edge.

  • Place your band around both legs, placing it just above your knees
  • Step your feet out so they’re just outside hip width apart
  • Begin to bend at the knees and move your body back and down
  • Stop when your hips are just below your knees
  • Stand up again

Muscle activation: 2 sets of 12 reps

Full workout: 5 sets of 8-10 reps


woman performing a banded clam in the gym

2. Banded clams

This movement drills deep into your glute muscles, in particular your gluteus medius and your abductor. This means you’re working the around the top and outside of your butt, helping to sculpt that peachy, rounded muscle formation we dream of. Top tip for this movement is to try not to move your hips at all, so all that resistance goes through your muscles.

  • Place the resistance band around both legs just above the knees
  • Lie on one side with your knees slightly bend and your ankles together
  • Keep the leg on the floor still and your ankles together raise your knee up, pushing against the resistance of the band
  • Stop when your top leg creates an angle of about 70 degrees
  • Bring your knee back down to the bottom leg

Muscle activation: 2 sets of 10 reps on each leg

Full workout: 5 sets of 8 reps on each leg


3. Lying leg raises

Strengthen those abductors and whip your outer booty into shape with a lying leg raise. This, combined with your other banded exercises, is a fantastic way to craft a well sculpted, rounded booty, worthy of the gram.

  • Lie on one side with your band around your ankles
  • Your legs should be straight with your knees and ankles together
  • Keeping your bottom leg on the ground, raise your top leg
  • Stop when you reach about 60 degrees from the floor, lower your top leg back down to the ground

Muscle activation: 2 sets of 10 reps on each leg

Full workout: 5 sets of 8 reps on each leg

woman holding the top of a banded glute bridge

4. Glute bridges

The resistance band brings a whole new level of intensity to the glute bridge. It’ll bring the burn in way’s you’d never imagined before. The trick with this one is not to let your knees drop inwards and squeeze your glutes at the top of each movement. Don’t thrust your hips, stay in control and don’t over-extend. Slow and steady, girl. You’ll thank us when the gains start rolling in.

  • With your band sitting just above your knees, lie on your back
  • Place your feet on the floor about a foot away from your butt
  • By firing through your glutes, raise your hips until your body is a straight, diagonal line from the knees to the shoulders
  • At the top, squeeze your glutes together and lower your butt to the floor

Muscle activation: 2 sets of 10 reps

Full workout: 5 sets of 8 reps


5. Banded Kickbacks

You don’t need a cable machine to grow your glutes. This is one of the most effective finishers a girl could dream of and it’ll get every fiber feeling like fiyah. The kickback is just about as close as it gets to isolation exercises for the glutes, as it works every part of your butt, including a little hamstring too. A little tip from us SMG girls to you, don’t kick your leg back hard. Take it slow on the way up and down, and you’ll feel a deeper, more effective burn.

  • Place the band around your ankles
  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold on to a wall for support
  • Flex at the knees but don’t bend them entirely
  • Take one leg and pull it as far back as you can
  • Then return it to the starting position

Muscle activation: 2 sets of 12 reps on each leg

Full workout: 5 sets of 10 reps on each leg


With these five killer exercises for your boot band workouts, you’ll have the perky butt of every gym girl’s dreams. Whether you’re using the exercises to activate your muscles and max out in your squat session, or plan to make them your whole workout, you can be sure of booty growing results.

With these movements, you won’t just get a bigger booty. We’re talking about a peachy, rounded beach-ready butt – a work of art. Include a few of these banded workouts to see the results for yourself.


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