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Booty Builder – The Ultimate Round Butt Workout

Now more than ever there are women hitting the weights room to lift. Who can say that’s not awesome? And a lot of us are seeking a toned, round butt.

We’re on a quest to get strong and sexy. Not skinny – no way!

We want nothing less than being able to lift weights like a badass and be proud of our bodies. You can keep your superficial diets and endless hours on the treadmill.

Nothing says “I could probably out-squat you and your bros” like a killer booty. Hey girls, we ain’t gonna lie. It’s also nice to know that all our hard work is turning heads, too.

That’s why we’ve put our minds together as a team to bring you this tailor-made workout. Because every woman deserves to have an ass that can stop traffic. We mean that literally too!

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Grow Those Glutes Girl

Here’s a few tips to get those glutes growing:

  • Lift medium to heavy to be most productive (67-85% of 1RM to be precise)
  • Eat right (and definitely enough)
  • Don’t focus on boring cardio
  • Get down with progressive overload
  • Believe in yourself

Also, it goes without saying that we should focus on targeting our lower bodies. That means plenty of compound movements like squats and lunges instead of tricep push downs. Leave that cr*p to the leg day skipping bros.

We’ll be hitting the massive muscle growing potential of the glutes. Oh and a healthy dose of activating the hamstrings too.

Notice we’ve not split the glutes into areas? That’s because there’s no need here. With the array of exercises we’ve chosen, every bit of your ass will benefit from this workout. You’ll definitely feel it if you train like a badass.

The Ultimate Booty Builder Checklist

Fitness model Brit Olsen round butt workout

Hey, we know this isn’t our usual SpotMeGirl style but we’ve got something real important for you. Don’t see this as a chore style checklist – we love you too much for that!

We just want you to take a mental note of these things whilst you’re on the gym floor. Working out isn’t all about looking good and growing, there’s mental gains to be made too.

Tick off each one of these things in your mind during every single rep:

  • Keep your mind on the muscle (think about the body-part you’re using)
  • Focus on the contraction/squeeze
  • Remember to breathe efficiently – do not hold your breath

Three little things doesn’t seem too much right? But get them right, and your gains will go through the roof.

Keeping your mind in the muscle helps the body to activate it, focusing on the squeeze gets the most tears out of every rep, and breathing right keeps you powerful and full of oxygen.

Write these down or just get them locked in mentally. After a while they’ll become as intuitive as your f*ckboy detection skills.

Go time!

Okay so we’ve talked about this for long enough. The only thing left now girl is for you to get in the gym and show those weights who’s boss.

Plug into your pump-up playlist, turn off all notifications and focus on activating that booty. Remember, mind in the muscle, even when warming up.

If you’re a regular foam roller then now’s the time to jump on it. Focus on waking up all of the lower body and activating it ready to train. If in doubt, check out a few routines online. Oh, and remember to get that heart rate going a little too.

If you don’t foam roll, that’s cool. Just warm up as usual with a special emphasis on mobility in the bottom half. Think leg swings, air squats, dynamic lunges, and all the other good stuff. Your ass will thank you for it.

Here goes…

The Ultimate Round Butt Workout

Kettlebell Lunges1431-2 mins
Landmine Deadlift1231-2 mins
Glute Bridge1231-2 mins
Box Step Up1431-2 mins
Weighted Hyper Extensions1231-2 mins
Banded Squat Bouncer1421-2 mins

Exercise 1: Kettlebell Lateral Lunges

women perform lateral lunge for round butt workout

How to do it:

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and with a neutral spine.
  • Hold the kettlebell by the horns and keep it close to your chest.
  • Step out to your left hand side and squat until your knee is at a right angle.
  • Brace that core, squeeze the glutes and keep your spine neutral.
  • Push away using the loaded left foot to the starting position.
  • Repeat again, this time using the right leg to take your weight.

Complete this whole process for an equal number of reps (7) on each side. Remember to sit your booty down to really get those hamstrings fired up.

Exercise 2: Landmine Deadlift

woman performs landmine deadlift for ultimate butt workout

How to do it:

  • Load the landmine up with a weight that’ll challenge the entire rep range.
  • Set yourself in the sumo deadlift position with arms inside your knees.
  • Bend into a hip hinge and make sure to keep a neutral spine.
  • Grab hold of the bar with both hands and hip hinge until standing upright. Push through the toes whilst pulling the weight upwards to better target the butt.
  • Really contract those glutes and hamstrings at the top of the lift.
  • Lower the bar back to the starting position using the same hinge.

Exercise 3: Glute Bridge

female weightlifter uses glute bridge as part of ultimate round butt workout

How to do it:

  • Grab yourself a yoga mat or some kind of cushioned floor and lie under the bar.
  • Place the dead centre of the bar across your hips (maybe grab a squat pad or towel to soften things up).
  • Take those hips up to the ceiling until your knees, stomach and shoulders are all in line.
  • Concentrate on the contraction at the top and engage your core.
  • Breathe in…
  • Return to the starting position under control, whilst breathing out.

Exercise 4: Box Step Up

for the ultimate round butt workout a woman performs a box step up exercise

How to do it:

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart. To create the most extension in the hip, try to stand between one-and-a-half and two feet away.
  • Next, decide which leg will lead. Then place the entirety of that foot onto the box.
  • Push through the heel and let the opposite leg follow onto the box. Ensure to move and land at a well controlled pace. (Squeeze those glutes on the way up, girl!)
  • Take your starting foot and step backwards returning it to the ground. Do this part as controlled as possible – we don’t want to put our knees at risk.
  • The remaining foot can now follow and you should be back in your starting position.
woman performs box step up with knee raiseTip: If this seems all too easy for any hardcore honeys – step it up! Bring the following leg up in-front to 90 degrees first before landing on the box.




Exercise 5: Weighted Hyper Extensions

for the ultimate round butt workout woman performs weighted hyper extensions

How to do it:

  • Start set up against the extension pad with a plate held to your chest.
  • Before going anywhere make sure you’re both comfortable and secure. Your ankles should be firmly tucked under the pads and your quads should also be on the soft area.
  • Keeping the chest proud and shoulders pulled back begin to lower your torso. Remember to keep a flat back and the mind in the muscle. You’ll feel most of the work happening inside your hamstrings, so focus on there.
  • Take a moment once you’re at the bottom before returning to the top position.

Exercise 6: Banded Squat Bouncer

ultimate round butt workout banded squat bouncers

How to do it:

  • Grab yourself a short(ish) resistance band and step into it. It should rest comfortably stretched above your knees as you squat.
  • Start with feet shoulder width apart and eyes facing forward. Keeping a straight back and neutral spine, lower yourself into a deep squat.
  • Use your knees to press outwards into the band. Whilst doing this, bounce to the top then return to the starting position.
  • This whole motion counts as one rep.
Tip: Really press into the band to stop the knees from tracking inwards. This not only keeps your squat form on point, but it’ll activate the glute medius and hip abductors even more.

Nailed it!

Awesome, so you’ve nailed the workout? Pat yourself on the money maker and check out that pump.

Aim to complete this workout two to four times per week. Theoretically you could hit it every day, but we wouldn’t recommend that.

It’s best to leave a rest day in between each muscle group. Although we’re not hitting powerlifting PB’s here we are still challenging the muscles.

Allowing them time to adapt and grow is our best way to getting the results we’re after. With proper recovery, we can keep working towards a bigger rounder butt without over training.

Yeah, you heard us right. It’s not just what we do inside the gym that counts, definitely not. It’s a combination of in gym badassery and healthy lifestyle habits that form success. Just like 2+2=4, hard work + proper recovery = GAINS.

Time to recover

fitness model and trainer Robin Gallant showing round butt workout developed glutes

Okay, so by now you’ve worked out we’re not going to shut up about recovery. And it’s for good reason too.

Our recovery time is the post-workout period which our muscles (and mind) fix themselves up. You know all those tiny micro-tears that we created deadlifting that sucker? Well, they need both time and fuel to come back stronger.

A great way to make sure your muscles get their hard earned rest is to calculate your sleep. Experts say that if you’re a regular gym goer you should aim high for a solid eight hours.

However, if you’re a real night owl who only manages half of that, shoot for the minimum of seven. You’ll be doing your gains a serious dis-service with anything less, so try your best.

Turn off all screens an hour before heading to bed and try to keep your phone on silent. You know you need the rest to grow the ultimate round butt but your friends don’t. Don’t sacrifice your endurance in the gym and earned growth for a 3am time Insta binge.

Our final food for thought

Example of a pescatarian diet featuring salmon and black peppercorns

A major part of growing the perfect round butt you want to call your own is what you eat. When looking to add some lean mass to your body, you’ve got to get that protein girl.

Hit up a calorie counter or take a look at labels to make sure you’re getting enough. Scientists say that 1.4-2.0 gram per kilogram of body weight is enough to maintain and build muscle. We always go for a realistic 1.7g.

Lean proteins are your best sources of booty building fuel. Think skinless chicken and turkey breast over hamburgers or processed foods. If in doubt, try to stay as natural as possible and leave out the extra dressing. Good quality protein sources include:

  • Chicken breast
  • Turkey breast
  • Turkey mince
  • Salmon
  • White fish
  • Lean beef
  • Tuna
  • Quinoa
  • Tempeh
  • Lentils
  • Soy

These foods are clean, free from added sugars, and don’t contain pesky additives that’ll damage your hard work. If you’re a meat free athlete, head straight for the beans, pulses and soy products.

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Eat Clean, Play Dirty

The same attitude towards clean eating should go for your other macros too.

Unrefined carbs like brown rice and sweet potato will keep you fuller for longer, especially when compared to white bread for example. Not only that, but they’re much more nutritious and don’t come with the added sugar crash.

You can find healthy fats in the likes of nuts, olive oil and fish oils. Try to not overdo these guys as although they’re healthy, they’re also super dense in calories. Nine cal per gram to be precise.

Wait! You need to hear this part…

Paige Hathaway eating pizzaHey! Before you get mad at us, just hear us out. We’re not here to spoil your good time – we just want you to have an amazing ass.

Nobody expects you to stick to an uber clean diet from this day forward forever. That’s not how the professionals do things anyway…

Fitness model and personal trainer Paige Hathaway (who’s a real glute growing queen) splits her diet into the 80-20 method.

So if it’s good enough for Paige, it’s definitely good enough for you and your new butt. Us too in-fact.

We’d go crazy without our Sunday icecream so we love this eating style. We can stay focused for a huge majority of the time knowing we can soon reward ourselves with a treat.

Play nice 80% of the time, and for the other 20% get down and dirty. That’s how we roll, girl!

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