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Best Yoga Supplements for Women

How to optimize your potential with the best yoga supplements to boost your physical and mental wellbeing

If yoga is your passion, you’ll know that eating clean and staying active are essential ingredients for a healthy and well-balanced life. Those of us who like to exercise and practice yoga every day have a bit different dietary needs from the average person.

It’s said that 72% of yoga practitioners are women[1] and the practice is becoming ever more popular. Yoga is useful for boosting physical and mental wellbeing, but bending and flexing your body can affect it in positive and negative ways.

If you’re pushing your body with intense yoga exercises and you feel amazing after each session, then you’re on the right track.

But if you keep getting muscle aches, and your joints feel uncomfortable, you might not be meeting your dietary requirements. It sounds like you could use some yoga supplements!

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the best yoga supplements for women and why you should be taking them.

Benefits of Yoga Supplements

Why should ‘yogis’ take supplements? The most obvious answer is that you might want to improve the results of your yoga practice.

This can mean different things for every woman – some may want to feel less sore from exercise, others want to have more energy. Perhaps you simply want to feel better mentally while on a yoga mat.

The issue is, so many things today can hinder the quality of our yoga practice, including:

  • Poor joint flexibility & slow recovery from exercise
  • Low energy levels
  • Restless mind
  • Nutrient-poor foods leading to deficiency
  • Chronic stress causing inflammation

Thankfully, yoga supplements can help offset these issues. These products offer numerous benefits for yogis, including better flexibility, resistance to stress and fatigue, and enhanced well-being.

Obviously, many yoga supplements will vary in terms of ingredients and doses, so you’ll need to keep an eye on what you’re “taking off the shelf.”

We’ll handily show you some of the things to watch for so you can make an informed buying choice.

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What to Look For in Yoga Supplements

Okay, so what are some of the things you should look for in yoga supplements?

Here are a few tips to consider:

Check It’s Third-Party Tested

Food supplements such as multivitamins aren’t regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. By choosing third-party tested yoga supplements, ones that are cGMP certified, you’ll know exactly what you’re spending your money on. It should also confirm the safety and effectiveness of the supplement.

Ultimately, this means a healthier you because you’re getting a supplement that contains what it claims to – and isn’t under-dosed, nor does it contain unnecessary ingredients.

Avoid Megadoses

There’s a point where too much of a good thing can become harmful. Too much of specific vitamins that would otherwise be healthy for women yogis, can become detrimental due to how they interact with your body.

For example, vitamin A gets stored in your liver. You don’t need to take it in extreme measures to reap its benefits. Too much vitamin A has even been shown to negatively impact maternal and fetal health, and may lead to birth defects[2]. Small consistent doses will be enough, and safer. Never exceed more than 3,000 mcg of vitamin A to prevent toxicity[3].

Supports Physical & Mental Health

Yogis have an even greater need to keep their body and mind in optimal condition. When you feel restless, with achy joints and constant nagging thoughts, your yoga flow will suffer too.

A good yogi supplement can help offset these problems – offering joint flexibility support, reducing inflammation, boosting energy levels, and improving mental clarity.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s discover the best yoga supplements for women.

The Best Yoga Supplements


Being nutrient deficient can have a huge effect on overall wellbeing. You may experience side effects such as brittle bones, low energy levels, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and weight gain[4] [5].

Your health suffers, and so does your yoga practice.

On a brighter note, if you’re piling your plate with a variety of wholesome foods, this can help you feel your best on the yoga mat and in everyday life.

But even the most health-conscious yogis could sometimes use a nutritional boost! The purpose of a good multivit is to fill in any nutritional gaps that might creep in – and of course make sure you aren’t missing out on anything.


Some of the benefits of taking a multivitamin daily include:

  • Supports basic nutritional needs for peak immune health & performance[6]
  • Provides hormonal, physical and mental support[7]
  • Protect against risk of cancers[8]
  • Convenience – instead of having to remember to take 5 different supplements, one will do the trick. Not to mention that it’s easier to swallow!

Our Favorite Multivitamin Supplement – Arogya Multivitamin

Drishti Arogya Multivitamin

Arogya Multivitamin by Drishti Supplements is our top choice for yogis right now.

It’s completely plant-based, non-GMO, and provides you with 100% daily value of over 15 essential micronutrients.

Plus, it has added herbal blends to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and improve absorption.

  • Formulated for active yogis
  • 20 Foundational vitamins and minerals
  • Immune Support, Energy & Antioxidant Fruit, and Health Support Blend
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No megadoses
  • Great value

Arogya uses science-backed ingredients such as Green Tea and Spirulina to bolster immunity[9]. Meanwhile, the Lutein and Saw Palmetto combination in Arogya promotes healthy estrogen levels[10] and reduces post-exercise soreness.

Coupled with its wide range of vitamins and minerals, Drishti Arogya Multivitamin should be an ideal product for any woman who practices yoga.


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Chronic joint pain and inflammation can make it hard to achieve progress in yoga.

When you’re ‘inflamed,’ a whole slew of health problems start to occur; including unwanted weight gain[11], low energy levels[12], poor flexibility[13], and even mood swings[14].

The good news is: turmeric can help offset these issues. This makes it one of the best yoga supplements for women.

This super-spice has been gaining a reputation as the healthiest supplement in the world right now. And when you look at its benefits, it’s easy to see why. Most of turmeric’s health benefits can be attributed to curcumin, a compound within the herb that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities[15].


Turmeric is thought to help:

  • Reduce inflammation[16]
  • Aid weight loss[17]
  • Reduce stress and depression[18]
  • Fight toxins and free radicals[19]
According to scientific studies, turmeric’s effects are so powerful that they rival some anti-inflammatory medications[20]. This is why it’s a favorite joint supplement for many women who practice yoga.

Other reasons why you might want to consider taking a turmeric supplement include:

  • It may help combat stress and anxiety[21]
  • Promotes neurogenesis and protects brain cells[22]
  • Improves blood flow[23]

Our Favorite Turmeric Supplement – Drishti Ashti

Drishti Asthi Turmeric

Another Drishti product that caught our eye is Ashti, a premium turmeric formula designed with 100% natural and plant-based ingredients.

The word “Ashti” means “bones” in the Sanskrit language. Which perfectly describes what this supplement is all about.

Ashti Turmeric works to help soothe inflammation, strengthen bone and joint health, and enhance comfort in your yoga practice and everyday life.

It contains a turmeric powder standardized to have 95% curcuminoids, which are compounds in turmeric responsible for its yellow color and most of the benefits.

Ginger is added to Drishti Ashti Turmeric to boost blood flow[24] and ease digestion[25], and BioPerine (black pepper extract) helps your body in absorbing everything properly[26].

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Vegan Protein

A plant-based protein is an easy way to ensure you’re feeding your muscles with their favorite fuel. Pea and rice proteins, for example, are some of the best natural sources of B complex vitamins.


The main benefit yogis get from supplementing protein is improved recovery. Doing intense yoga exercises causes microtears in your muscles[27]. In order to rebuild themselves, muscles need protein[28].

And don’t worry girls, protein supplements won’t make you bulky! If anything, you’ll look leaner and have a more defined figure.

  • Proteins are bigger molecules so your metabolism has to burn more calories to digest them.
  • A protein supplement helps increase lean muscle strength[29], which will help you burn more calories in the long-run as well.

Our Favorite Vegan Protein Supplement – Garden of Life

Garden of life Raw Protein and Greens

Garden of Life Raw Protein & Greens is our favorite option for yogis. It provides 20g of protein per serving, in addition to some of the healthiest greens.

It uses a combination of pea protein, rice protein, and chia protein, along with 6 different healthy veggies, including alfalfa, spinach and more!

We feel it’s one of the best organic vegan-friendly protein powders, and it’s made by a well-established company too.


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When talking about staying healthy, most people automatically think of visiting the gym. But in this day and age, most of us also need to work hard on supporting our mental health.

And just like there are supplements for building strength and muscle, there are certain products that you can use to naturally keep your brain sharp and healthy.

One of these products is nootropics, or also known as ‘brain health supplements. They go by many names, but you’ll most often hear the word “smart pill” or “cognitive enhancer.” Regardless, they all help you with one main goal: to improve the health of your most important organ – your brain.


Nootropics offer many benefits to a person’s lifestyle, including but not limited to[30]:

  • Better memory
  • Improved confidence and communication skills
  • Faster information recall
  • Increased resilience to stress & anxiety
  • Structural support (brain cell protection, neurogenesis)
  • Enhanced focus
  • Better productivity and work output
  • Healthier emotional outlook

Our Favorite Nootropic Supplement – Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro review feature

We’ve picked Mind Lab Pro as the very best nootropic formula on offer at the moment.

It features 11 top-quality ingredients that can benefit anyone including students, athletes, CEOs, and elderly people. There are no filler ingredients or unnecessary stuff, and it’s completely eco-friendly and shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes.

Mind Lab Pro works to help you:

  • Feel more mentally alert
  • Have sharper memory & recollection
  • Be more productive
  • Not get distracted as easily
  • Maintain high cognitive performance under stress

The most impressive part is that Mind Lab Pro achieves these benefits without using caffeine or any other stimulants! Plus, the ingredients come in their most bioavailable forms and are clinically dosed. Ensuring optimal benefits and minimal risk of side effects.

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We’ve shared with you a lot of information about the best yoga supplements for women. From multivitamins to vegan protein powders, there’s something on this list that will suit any yogi’s needs!

After a close review of yoga supplements, we’ve picked out Drishti Arogya Multivitamin and Ashti Turmeric as our two favorite products for yoga practitioners, because they are especially helpful for joint health and concentration during yoga practice.

However, the truth is, all of them can bring amazing benefits when you combine them with a healthy diet, good sleep and an active lifestyle.

































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