Does Weightlifting Reduce Breast Size in Women?

Does weightlifting reduce breast size? This is a common worry for many women today, especially with the growing popularity of sports like CrossFit and Bodybuilding.

While it may be true that elite athletes, and bodybuilders who get as low as 5% body fat may lose some fatty tissue around their chest, that’s simply not the case for most people.

To lose a large amount of breast tissue takes years of serious hard work and dieting to extreme levels.

Just think about it for a second…all of the women you’ve seen with small breasts in sports are the ones who have the most muscle mass, or with the lowest body fat.

For mere mortals like you and I, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, and Olympic training isn’t our full-time job, therefore, it will be difficult to lose your breast tissue altogether, but not impossible!

Let’s look at some examples of women who lift, and their body fat levels to give you an idea of what it takes to reduce breast size.

In this article we’ll discuss:

  • How training and dieting effects breast size.
  • The different types of pro athletes with low body fat.
  • Conclusion

Does Weightlifting Reduce Breast Size in Women? 9

Does Weightlifting Reduce Breast Size

As we’ve already discussed, high level athletes can see a reduction in breast size once they go through years of intense training and dieting.

For this to happen, you need to endure strict dieting and training protocols, such as the below.

How breast size is reduced: 

  • Elite level of training in endurance.
  • Resistance training.
  • Athletic sports such as CrossFit.
  • Strict dieting for long periods.

Okay, so now you know roughly how breast tissue is reduced through weightlifting and other forms of exercise, let’s look into, and discuss why, and how, this actually happens.

Genetics and weightlifting

It’s worth pointing out that if you think your breasts will reduce quickly once you start dropping weight, it might not be the case. This is because it largely depends on your genetics!

If you already have small breasts, then chances are, your breasts will get smaller once you start to lose body fat.

On the other hand, if you have large breasts, then, you’ll find it much harder to reduce your overall breast size when weightlifting.

Genetics play a huge part in the reduction of breast size in terms of weight loss and weightlifting. The bigger your breasts, the harder it will be, but, the smaller they are, then you’ll see more noticeable changes.

How training and dieting effects breast size

The breast is made up of fatty tissue that can be reduced over time. Many women have the fear that lifting weights can make their breasts disappear this simply isn’t the case.

However, there are certain ‘extreme‘ things that you need to do for your breasts to disappear, and let me tell you, that isn’t easy!

1. How the body adapts to training and dieting

This rule applies to everyone; you can reduce your overall body fat levels if you train, and diet in the right way.

Once you start to diet, and train hard, whether that’s through weight training, endurance, or Olympic type training, you will eventually lose body fat, and breast tissue.

However, if you think you’re going to lose your breasts overnight, fear not. The benefits far outweigh the risks here.

2. Real world weightlifting adaptations

For most of us, when we train and diet, and go about our day-to-day lives, our body won’t change significantly enough to see our breast size disappear altogether.

However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot lose weight and get ripped, we certainly can!

Now, with the air cleared, let’s look at what’s really going to happen if you start weight training.

What to expect from weightlifting

When you first start weight training, you’ll need to eat a surplus of calories to support muscle growth and repair.

As you build new muscles, you’ll increase in size. This might also mean that your breasts may appear bigger in the beginning due to the new training stimulus.

So if anything, weightlifting will make you look fuller and rounder with more definition.

Real world expectations from weightlifting: 

  • Rounder muscles
  • Fuller, and shapely frame
  • Bigger chest
  • Strength and improved health

As you progress through years of weightlifting, building new muscle, and cutting fat, then, and only then, will you see your breast size reduce.

But, probably not at the rate as you’d expect – it’s a long and slow process.

Now you know how breast size is reduced, it’s time to look at some real world examples of women who lift weights.

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Women Who Lift Weights

Here’s a list of women who take part in weightlifting and other intense sports such as CrossFit, Olympic lifting and gymnastics.

We’ll discuss the difference between the different types of women here, how they got to that level of fitness, and the reason they look the way they do.

Hopefully this will clear the air, and you’ll discover that losing your breasts through weightlifting isn’t as easy as you might think.

1. CrossFit Athletes

Does Weightlifting Reduce Breast Size in Women? 10

As you can see, this CrossFit athlete is strong athletic with large muscles and relatively low body fat levels.

She hasn’t lost her breasts, and yet, she’s still what you would class as an elite athlete and weightlifter.

How she built her physique: 

  • Intense short workouts WOD’s (workouts of the day)
  • Heavy weight lifting
  • Strict dieting
  • Sprinting/HIIT
  • Years of dedication

2. Bodybuilders

Does Weightlifting Reduce Breast Size in Women? 11

Here we have a bodybuilder named Christina Eleni (photo taken from Greatest Physiques). As you can see she’s strong, and muscular, what you’d class as a bodybuilder/weightlifter.

Even though her body fat is low, she still has her natural breasts. So, if you think it’s a one sided coin, it’s not. Most women who lift weights, will find it very difficult to lose their breasts.

Much like the CrossFit athlete, Christina  has trained hard for years, and she still hasn’t lost her breasts.

How she built her physique: 

  • Progressive overload (adding more weight over time) 
  • Heavy weight lifting
  • Strict dieting
  • Interval training
  • Years of dedication

Does Weightlifting Reduce Breast Size in Women? 12

Conclusion of Weightlifting & Breast Size

Okay girls, if you thought you were going to lose your breasts through weightlifting, I hope you feel a little more reassured that doing so takes a lot of dieting and dedication.

Fear not! If you want to start weightlifting, go for it! You won’t lose your breasts anytime soon, and who cares if you do, you’ll be looking and feeling great! Remember, health is no 1 priority over everything else.

If you are just starting a weightlifting program, and you’re eating a surplus of calories, then you might want to think about using a fat burner to keep your weight down while bulking.

What are you waiting for girls, get out there and start lifting weights!


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