15 Gifts Every Fit Chick Has on Her Christmas Wish List

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your fave fit chick? Or maybe you need a little inspiration for to put on your Christmas wish list. Well don’t worry girl, cos we’ve got you covered.

  1. Fitbit Alta HR

fitbit alta HR on a christmas wishlist


Every gym girl wants to make sure she’s hitting all her fitness goals on the daily, and that’s where the Fitbit Alta HR comes in. Not only does it measure how many steps you’re doing each day, this smart tracker also contains a heart rate monitor, which tells you how many calories you’ve burned, even during a workout.

So, if you’re into gadgets and love nothing more than knowing how hard your body’s working, look no further than the sleek and stylish Fitbit Alta HR.


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  1. Peach Bands

Peach bands as part of a christmas wishlist

If your fitness girl is all about crafting a perfectly rounded booty, she’ll be forever in your debt when you gift her a set of peach bands. These cute, yet powerful resistance loop bands are the perfect partner for every killer butt workout, helping to sculpt and tone powerful, rounded glutes.

You’re basically giving her the key to booty gains for Christmas. She owes you.


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  1. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

trigger point foam roller as part of a christmas wish list


Help you girl cut down recovery times and smash her workouts, even after a big leg day, with the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller for Christmas. The multi-density exterior will help to massage the muscles within the body, in a variety of ways.

Favored by massage therapists and fitness gurus, this is the Rolls Royce of foam rollers. Available in a range of colors, including bright pink, you’ll be able to find one that matches perfectly with her athleisure wear.


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  1. The Badass Life – Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbot book christmas wishlist


Inspire your bestest gym girl with words from CrossFit’s very own poster girl, Christmas Abbott. She’s written a lifestyle guide to help reinforce positive habits that create a happier mind, body and spirit.

This chick is an absolute, undeniable badass. Any hints and tips she has on how to be a sassy, slay workouts and create healthy habits is music to our ears. If your fitness friend wants to take it to the next level, give her the gift of a badass life. Also, her name is literally Christmas. You can’t get more festive than that.


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  1. Simple Modern Summit water bottle

water bottles for christmas wish list

Wherever we go, whether we’re in the gym or at work, it’s essential us fit girls stay hydrated, and we’re all about creating that perfect matchy-matchy workout kit. Introducing the Simple Modern Summit water bottle.

These super sleek bottles are available in a huge range of colors. What’s more, they’ll keep the contents warm or cold for hours. Perfect if you need that ice-cold refreshment mid workout.


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  1. Manduka Prolite Yoga and Pilates Mat     

yoga mat for christmas wishlist

Whether she’s a hardcore yogi, or wants to start working on her mobility, you can’t go wrong with the Manduka Prolite Yoga and Pilates Mat. This non-slip super light mat is perfect for carrying around town and will give second-to-none cushioning when it comes to hitting those poses.

Available in a range of colors and made of strong, durable material, this is the perfect for any fit girls Christmas wish list.

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  1. 4Gauge

two bottles of 4 Guage pre-workout

Gift your favorite fit chick power, focus and energy this year. 4Guage features right at the top of our best pre-workout lists this year, making it one of our most recommended supplements.

We recommend 4Gauge due to its completely natural profile, a clean energy lift without jitters and a proprietary blend free formula. It’s the perfect formula to kick off her new year fitness focus.


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  1. Inov-8 Fastlift 335 Weightlifting Shoes

inov8 weightlifting shoe


Help her give every lift a boost with a pair of top-quality lifting shoes. With a generous 1.25” heel and a solid sole, these Inov-8’s will off stability and support to every squat, helping her hit new PB’s on the double.

Not only are they a sturdy base for your big squats, they’re also cute AF, breathable and light. So, you can throw them in your gym bag and pull them out every time it’s legs day.


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  1. Panda Planner Pro

panda pro workout planning diary


We all know a gym girl who finds nothing more satisfying that planning her workouts and tracking her lifts. Sound familiar? Get her the Panda Planner Pro. This is just about the most exciting bit of stationary this breed of fit chick could own.

Each page is super detailed, so she can plan every workout, leave notes on her performance, plan her meals and track her lifts all in one place. Heck, she could work on formulas for NASA in this thing.


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  1. Vooray Roadie Gym Duffle Bag

duffel gym back for a christmas list

If your fave fitness friend has been lugging her kit around in a raggedy old bag for the last three years, it’s time for an upgrade. Treat her to something with a little more sass and opt for the super cute Vooray Roadie Gym Duffle Bag.

The designs are beyond adorable, and big enough to fit your lifting shoes, belt and protein shaker inside.


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  1. BlenderBottle Combo-Pack

15 Gifts Every Fit Chick Has on Her Christmas Wish List 1


Look out for your girl’s nutrition with this super cool collection from Blender Bottle. With this combo pack, she can power up with protein, boost her gym session with a pre-workout and even organize her snacks.

This is the perfect gift for a girl who loves to plan her meals and track her macros. If this sounds like your gym bestie, check it out.


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  1. Instant Knockout CUT

Instant Knockout CUT

Whether she’s signed up for a competition or wants to lose a few pounds of fat in the New Year, an effective, safe fat burner can be a game-changer. Instant Knockout CUT is one of our favorites.

It’s got a completely natural profile which helps burn fat and even suppress your appetite. If you are looking to buy her a fat burner, this one is one of the best out there.


Instant Knockout CUT


  1. Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Belt 13mm

weightlifting belt for christmas wish list If she’s all about the big lifts, a lifting belt is the perfect choice for your fit chick. This 13mm, quality leather belt will give her all the lower back support she needs to smash out her heaviest movements yet. She’ll be forever grateful.

What’s more the handy lever design on this one is perfect for a CrossFitter. She can simply flick it open after some intense lifts, take it off and run around or skip or whatever the WOD calls for.


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  1. Brute Force Adjustable Kettlebells

brute force adjustable kettlebell


If she’s a girl on the go, she needs a gym that can travel with her. The Brute Force Adjustable Kettlebell could be just what she needs. Simply fill these kettlebell shaped bags with sand to suit your weight, then she can slam ‘em, swing ‘em and throw ‘em to her hearts content.

They’re super sturdy and are no bigger than a small bag, so she can easily throw it in the trunk, ready for a hardcore workout at any moment.


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  1. Harbinger Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

harbinger weightlifting gloves

She might be a beast in the weights room, but she’s a lady outside the gym. A pair of harbinger Women’s Weightlifting Gloves will help her maintain soft, supple skin on her hands while still ripping the bar off the floor like a pro.

These are breathable and lightweight, yet offer some serious protection for her hands. Complete with leather pads, you’ll have all the grip, without the calluses. Dreamy.


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