Get Shredded With This Intense Full Body Dumbbell Only Circuit Workout

Alright, alright, alright! We got something cool and dynamic here. Dumbbell only, full body, fat burning circuit training. It’s gonna hit everything and it’s gonna kick your ass. Do each exercise for two to three sets, rep range is up to you depending on how heavy you wanna go.

Ideally, you should be able to do 10 reps each exercise and each set, so don’t go too heavy with the dumbbells. Leave ego lifting for another occasion.


1. Across the Chest Hammer curls

Take a dumbbell and instead of contracting it upwards in a regular curl, slide towards your chest and curl it up.

2. Hammer Curl 21s

The name says it all, hammer curls 21s. You will start with your arms lowered, then raise them seven times to a 90-degree angle, after those seven reps, you will go from the 90-degree angle to a fully contracted position seven more times and after that do final seven full range of motion, reps.

3. Isometric Biceps Curls

Since this is a finisher type of exercise no need to go heavy with the weights or go into multiple sets. One final set consisting of 10-12 reps will be ideal. How you do it is pretty simple, curl upwards regularly with one arm while the other is locked at the 90-degree angle. After you perform the set rep number switch arms and repeat the process.


1. Overhead Triceps Extension

You can do this either standing or sitting, up to you. Grab a dumbbell so that your palms are touching the inner part of the dumbbell raise it overhead and start curling it behind your back.

2. Triceps Underhand Kickbacks

Get yourself a pair of fairly light dumbbells, bend over a bit turn your palms towards the room. Now do some triceps kickbacks.

3. Triceps Kickbacks

Get to a bench, weight rack or a wall bend again and lean on the surface in front of you. Now do kickbacks, but unlike the underhand ones, you will do these with your palms facing your body.


1. Crush Press

Lay on the bench or floor and raise the dumbbells as if you are doing a chest press. Now turn your palms towards each other and press the weights against each other. Now lower them towards your chest. This will be great for your inner chest.

2. Chest flies and Chest Press with Rotation Giant Set

This giant set will set your chest ablaze and will give you serious soreness and growth. Grab a weight that’s a bit lighter than your usual workout weight and start doing chest flies. When you’re down with the final rep of chest flies start doing the chest press with a rotation. Aim for doing 10 reps each exercise, with a total of performed reps after each set being 20.


1. Upright Rows

Take a pair of dumbbells, bring them together, flare out your elbows and row the dumbbells upwards to your chin. That’s it, that’s the science of it.

2. Shrugs

There’s no way around it if you want traps-do shrugs. So do as many variations as possible for as many reps as possible.

3. Farmers Walks

Another shrug essential, the farmers walk. You will need a pair of fairly heavy dumbbells and some empty space. Now that you’ve found just that, take those dumbbells and start walking back and forwards.


Get Shredded With This Intense Full Body Dumbbell Only Circuit Workout 4

1. Goblet Squat

You will only need a single dumbbell for this, so make it heavy. Grab the dumbbell the same way you grabbed it when you did the triceps overhead extensions keep the dumbbell close to your chest and start skwattin’ .

2. Bulgarian Split Squat

This requires two pairs of dumbbells, so no need to go heavy. Get a bench behind you and rest your foot on it. Your hind leg should be bent at a 90-degree angle. With each dumbbell in hand, once again, start skawttin’ .

3. Calf Raises

Calves aren’t just the meat you eat in your burgers, it’s also a neglected body part. Not much more to say here, calf raises are simple stuff, and we got more work to do.


1. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

Dumbbell deadlifts are very underrated as a back exercise and they are also safer than regular barbell deadlifts. Grab a hold of some fairly heavy dumbbells, stand upright and as you tilt forwards slightly bend your knees and shift the dumbbells towards you and that’s a dumbbell deadlift.

2. Dumbbell Rows

Row row row for gainz, gently with some ‘bells. Ronnie, Jay, Arnold all got jacked from dem ‘bell rows. Okay, they also did barbell rows and a ton of other exercises but I really wanted to use that joke. No more nursery rhymes, I swear.

3. Incline Bench Rows

Lay on an inclined bench with a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Now bring up the dumbbells with your elbows flared out all the way to the sides. Go heavy on these, but no too heavy because you will sacrifice form and reps.


1. Squat to Arnold Press

Time to destroy some shoulders with this killer two in one exercise. Use light weight with this one because you still have two more exercises after this one. Bring your dumbbells to and upright position, like you just curled them all the way up. Now do a squat, and as you do raise up from the squat position, do an Arnold press. You can also do a regular shoulder press, but Arnold builds the entire joint.

2. Lateral Dumbbell Raises with Drop Sets

Start heavy and as you reach failure, grab a lighter weight and perform the same exercise again until failure. Do it again with an even lighter weight and…well you see where this going, right? Rinse and repeat until you can’t raise your arms anymore. Just round of these drop sets will be more than enough for you.

3. Rear Delt Raises with Drop Sets

Same as the above, start with a weight you can lift around ten times and when you can’t lift it anymore, grab a lighter pair and repeat the process until your shoulders are a burning ball of fire and pain.


1. Toe Touch Crunch With Dumbbell

Lay on your back with a light dumbbell in your hand and do an alternating toe touch with a crunch motion. If the dumbbell is in your right arm, you will touch your left leg and vice versa.

2. Twist Push Up

For this one, it would be great if you have squared dumbbells because otherwise, this could go horribly wrong very fast. Do a push-up, but as you get up, raise your entire side and hand in the air with a dumbbell in hand.

3. Roll out

This one, on the other hand, requires that you have rounded dumbbells with adjustable weights because this will basically be an ab wheel roll out with the ab wheel.  If you don’t have those kinds, just do regular planks.

Wrapping It Up

I know, I know…this is a murderer of a workout. But think of the time under tension and overall volume of exercises you’ve performed in this workout. This will get you ripped, pack on size and get your cardio up. But if you think this is just way too hardcore, that’s fine too. Pick muscle groups you wanna train for the day and do other groups the other day of the week when you workout.

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