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Learn Why Female Testosterone Cream Is a Scam!

If you’re a woman looking to boost your testosterone levels, find out why testosterone cream is a scam product wont make any difference to your health, wellness or performance.

It’s important that as a female you optimize your hormones. If you don’t you’ll quickly find that tiredness, weight gain and illness take over your life.

As an important predictor of health, and an key regulator of body fat, lean muscle tone and athletic ability, testosterone is fast becoming the go-to hormone for optimization therapy.

But specialized testosterone cream products are a waste of time. Not only do they have a low absorption rate and little success, they also cause varied and serious side effects too.

Read on to find out why you should avoid testosterone cream… and what you should use instead.

Testosterone: An important hormone for all women

You might not think of testosterone as being a ‘female hormone’. But it’s just as important as estrogen and progesterone when it comes to health, wellness and physical performance.

Produced in your ovaries, adrenal glands and peripheral tissue, testosterone benefits a woman in the following ways:

  • Regulates body composition – muscle, bone and fat mass
  • Reduces the risk of vascular, cognitive and metabolic disease
  • Boosts libido, sex drive and quality or orgasm
  • Is involved in the menstrual cycle, particularly during ovulation

Testosterone is an androgen hormone that promotes both health and performance. In men it boosts masculinity – but in women it helps to maintain energy levels, regulate bodily functions and ensure everything works optimally.

When your testosterone levels are optimized you feel fit, healthy and full of life.

Many women have low testosterone levels

As a female, you don’t need as much testosterone flowing through your blood as your male counterparts.

Normal testosterone levels for a woman are 25-70 ng.dL, whereas for men it’s 10-15 times higher with 300-1,000 ng.dL.

However, many women experience a huge drop in circulating androgens between the ages of 20 and 40. And by the age of 45, 90% of women will have low testosterone.

That’s a massive drop affecting a huge number of women.

Low testosterone side effects in females

If you allow your hormones to fall, your body cant function effectively. And this can lead to a number of side effects.

  • Mood swings. anxiety and depression
  • Loss of energy, vitality and constant tiredness
  • Low sex drive, pleasure and enjoyment
  • Increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and other hormone-related disorders
  • Hair loss

It’s important that you do all you can to normalize your hormone levels. If you don’t, you’ll begin to slide down the slippery slop of weight gain, muscle loss and a whole host of other nasty side effects.


What is Testosterone Cream?

If your health practitioner suspected your testosterone levels were low, they might suggest you start using testosterone cream.

Applied topically, the white-colored cream socks into your skin and then absorbs through each layer over time until it eventually reaches your bloodstream.¬†This ‘transdermal’ effect is usually applied over areas of your body that are more muscular and denser so that your microscopic capillaries can pick it up.

Testosterone cream specifically targeted at women

Women that choose to use testosterone cream do so to avoid the risky side effects that come from more invasive testosterone replacement therapy such as injections.

But it’s not that simple.

Whether your testosterone levels are low because of ageing, menopause, illness or you’re on oral contraception, some manufacturers have designed testosterone cream that is sad to be made just for women.

But even though pharmaceutical companies have spent years formulating these creams, they are still choc-full of issues and side effects.

High risk of skin issues

As little a 10% of a testosterone cream product penetrates your skin. Even the best quality creams only have an absorption rate of 20% – that leaves as much as 80% of your product lying on top of the skin.

If you’ve got silky, beautiful skin that radiates health and beauty you might want to bear this in mind…

Itchy, rough, dry and irritable skin is by far the most common testosterone cream complaint. You could even suffer from burns, swelling or blisters too.

As many as 35% of all testosterone cream users suffer from skin issues, and nearly a quarter of all women stop using it for that very reason.

Urinary problems

Another common adverse reaction in testosterone cream users is issues urinating. Many women complain that even in the short-term, testosterone cream causes the need to urinate more frequently than normal, even with an empty bladder.

It can even cause your urine to darken, more than likely because of faint traces of blood in it.

Loss of libido

There’s a cruel irony in the fact that many women take testosterone cream to boost their ever-decreasing sex drive, but testosterone cream itself might well lead to an even lower libido.

The mechanism as to why is unknown; but it’s definitely an issue.

Skin-to-skin transfer

We’ve already mentioned that the transdermal effect of testosterone cream is low, with as little as 10-20% of the actual cream absorbing through your dermis and into your bloodstream.

That means you’ve got some pretty potent androgen hormones sat on your skin for extended periods of time. Anyone you hug, brush past or even come into contact with can find that it rubs into their skin too.

The Adverse Event Reporting System, which is part of the FDA, has received numerous reports of adverse effects in young children due to contact with testosterone cream from adults.

And when children come into contact with these products it can effect maturation, mood, aggressive behavior, enlarged sexual organs and early onset of puberty too.

Changes to your mood

Testosterone cream can negatively affect your mood. Side effects include:

  • Anxiety, nervousness and irritability
  • Depression, low mood and sporadic crying
  • Paranoia
  • Aggression and overreactions
  • Loss of energy and feelings of tiredness and lethargy

Is there a safer alternative to testosterone cream?

Testosterone cream for women is something you really should avoid.

While you health practitioner might suggest it as a course of action for your low hormone levels, there are natural alternatives to optimize your hormones – in a safe and effective way and without nasty side effects.

Testosterone boosters for safe and effective hormone support

Testosterone boosters don’t rely on synthetic hormones to increase androgen levels. Instead, they harness the power of nature by stimulating your body’s own testosterone production system.

Using vitamins and minerals known to directly boost testosterone, as well as indirectly through luteinizing hormone release, these all-natural boosters focus on long-term health, vitality and energy rather than some short-term lab-created replacement therapy fix.

Head on over to our hand picked list of safe and effective women’s testosterone boosting products to see how they can help support your goals.

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