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How to naturally increase testosterone in females: Without growing a beard

So many women presume that testosterone is something that only men have. And it’s something that, if a women were to have high levels of, she’d look like a man too. But this is a big misconception and one that can cause health problems in women like obesity, fatigue and mood swings.

Testosterone is as important for girls as it is for guys. Every woman has testosterone in her and it controls a massive amount of their bodily functions.

And if you’re reading this, we’re serious, girls with high testosterone look and feel better. And don’t have beards.

What does testosterone do for a female?


Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is produced in your ovaries and adrenal glands. It plays an absolutely vital role in the regulation of your menstrual cycle, but also has important non sexual effects too.

Not only does testosterone trigger puberty in females, it plays a role in your metabolism, protein synthesis and libido!

Females with low testosterone can experience fatigue, moodiness and fat gain. So it’s pretty important to keep levels elevated.  You’ll also lose a lot of your sexual appetite

Why testosterone levels are important?

Testosterone levels are essential for the bodily functions we mentioned above, without testosterone, you’d be in a right mess.

You’re sleep would go off, you’d be constantly tired and you’re menstrual cycle would play absolute hell with you.

The benefits of keeping testosterone levels elevated for females include an increased athletic performance, leaner muscle and quicker and more sustained levels of fat loss.

Don’t worry about growing a beard or a pair of balls. If that was going to happen it would’ve happened when your got your first dose of testosterone…in the womb.


Easiest way naturally increase testosterone

Boosting up testosterone is easily done. Or at least giving your body the ingredients it needs to raise levels is.

If you’re looking for a boosted libido, better health, less belly fat and a leaner curvier physique then it’s always good to start with a natural testosterone booster.

Generally these supplements use a blend of safe and natural herbs to give your body everything it needs to signal the production of more sexual hormones. Giving you nothing but benefits.

#1 Testosterone Booster

Best female test booster

As we’ve mentioned a simple supplement can give your body everything it needs to produce more testosterone. Don’t worry about side effects here though, you’re not ADDING testosterone. Just letting your body produce more of it’s own. Elevating levels within a completely natural range.

Certain ingredients perform better than others however and there are a lot of risky products out there that can do more harm than good. Our current favorite testosterone booster is TestoFuel.

TestoFuel for Females

TestoFuel is a natural supplement that uses a blend of scientifically dosed herbs to elevate your sexual hormones through the day. Using proven and highly researched ingredients like Fenugreek, Vitamin D and D-Aspartic Acid, TestoFuel is an essential supplement for any females looking to boost athletic performance and get health benefits.

In under 30 days TestoFuel will:

  • Boost Libido
  • Enhance lean muscle and lose fat
  • Increase energy and well being
  • Improve sleep quality and recovery

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#2 Lift heavy weights


You know that going to the gym helps improve health and well being, whilst also getting you a toned and round physique? Well, if you step up your training a little and hit the heavy weights you’ll also start to see a natural increase in testosterone levels too.

Remember, you naturally have less testosterone than a guy, so don’t think a few weight sessions a week will turn you into a beast. It won’t. You’ll just find you get stronger, burn some fat and maintain a rounded and healthy looking figure.

For best results, try and do 2-3 workouts a week with weights. Do a full body workout and hit 6-12 reps per set. With 2 sets per exercise. Try and get up to 8 exercises in your session.

#3 Increase fats available for cholesterol


In your body, testosterone is formed from cholesterol. So to give your body a good chance at producing testosterone, altering your diet to include a good amount can help massively.

When we talk about fats though, you need to be thinking healthy fats. Avocados, eggs, fish and butter can give your body a good amount of cholesterol which will help it increase testosterone production.

It’s no use following these faddy low fat diets. Because not all fats are bad, and to maintain healthy muscle and hormones, fats play a crucial role.

Other ways to naturally increase testosterone in females

The three ways above are some easy changes to make to either your gym schedule or your diet.

They’ll guarantee you start producing more testosterone and can let you revel in the benefits that it provides. The last point, focusing on diet is just one small change you can make to what you eat to optimize hormone levels.

Foods for more testosterone


Here’s a couple of other foods that can hugely help the production and regulation of sexual hormones :

#1 Pumpkin Seeds

Containing high amounts of Zinc, which is known to help regulate sexual hormones, Pumpkin seeds are an easy addition to any diet. They also contain high quantities of Vitamins B,C,D,E,K and other minerals.

Basically they are just a great all round and nutritious snack!  The fact that they contain high amounts of essential testosterone boosting hormones is just a bonus.

#2 Cabbage

Eating your greens is something you’ve probably been told to do since you were a little girl. Well, not there’s an extra reason. Cabbage contains a high amount of manganese which is another crucial mineral for supporting those all important testosterone levels.

#3 Tuna

Tuna is loaded with vitamin D. Which is one of the best known testosterone boosting vitamins. The benefits of this fish don’t just stop there though. Tuna also boasts a lot of cholesterol boosting fats as well as omega 3 fatty acids. You’ll not only get a boost for sexual hormones, but a hit of lean protein and improved heart health.

In terms of lifestyle there’s a few other essential things to help you optimize your testosterone levels…

These are two pretty essential tricks that can really contribute to

Important Lifestyle Tips for increased testosterone


#1 Get more Sun

When your skin get’s into sunlight, you produce more vitamin D. This then contributes to a number of key bodily functions. One being the production of hormones. If there was ever a reason to get outside and get into the sun, then this should be it!

#2 Sleep More

As you are asleep, your body releases recovery hormones that signal protein sythesis and the production of new muscle. As well as testosterone and other crucial hormones. Studies have found that 8 hours sleep or less a night can seriously reduce the amount of testosterone in your blood.

This will contribute to weight gain as well as just feeling generally shitty.

How to naturally boost testosterone in females – Final word

It’s absolutely essential for your health and well being that you have optimized testosterone levels. Even if you’re not an avid gym goer, making sure you have testosterone can seriously improve your quality of life.

By using natural testosterone boosters you can ensure your body has enough of key minerals and vitamins to produce it’s own testosterone. We recommend TestoFuel as a natural testosterone booster for women.

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And don’t worry, high levels of testosterone won’t give you a beard.

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