Should You Get A Personal Trainer? – The Easiest Way To Find Out.

If you’re into exercise you’re bound to know someone who has hired a personal trainer before. In fact, the chances are you may even know a PT yourself.

People hire trainers for many reasons. Some have a specific goal in mind and they feel a little external advice will help. Others however, well, they just want someone to take their #gymlife gym pics. Seriously, we’ve seen this happen.

But, how do you know if you should get a personal trainer? After all, they’re not free and it can seem like quite a financial commitment hiring one.

Not only that, but if you don’t know them already, working out with a stranger might be scary.

The Easy PT Tick List

Luckily, we’re here to help your decision making a little easier. If you answer “yes” to any of the following things, we think a personal trainer might be for you.

If you answer “no” and you’re still seeing results, all the power to you girl. You got this. However, still take a look at each section. Even the best can learn from the rest and thrive more with a little guidance.

You’re Never Sure What Workout To Do

confused woman standing in gym

Okay, today we’re going to do some squats followed by HIIT on the rower. Wait, or should I run on the treadmill? No, we’ve got it, maybe a bodyweight routine and fifty kettlebell swings… Should just see what everyone else is doing on Insta?

Sound familiar? Hey, don’t worry if it does, it’s quite common. In a world where we spend most of our day attached to our devices, our brains are just so full of information.

Five minutes on social media is enough to confuse anybody. There’s so many articles and posts out there telling you what you “should” be doing, it’s impossible to keep track.

Hiring a personal trainer can take away all the anxiety of gym FOMO as they can analyse your individual personal goals. If you want to boost your 5RM squat, they’ll guide you there personally. Which is so much easier than asking Facebook, again.

A good PT will also tailor each workout specifically to your fitness needs. Meaning you’ll spend less energy worrying about doing things wrong, and more on beating PBs!

You’re A Girl With A Goal

focused woman with goal

Some of us simply go to the gym because we love it. We crave the feeling of finishing a workout stood in a puddle of sweat and hard work. Yeah we’re exhausted, but we just kicked today in the ass.

However, sometimes we head onto the gym floor with a specific goal in mind. Maybe it’s to prep hard for a half-marathon in the summer. It might just be we want to fit into certain clothes, or lift heavier weights. Whatever the reason, a PT can help.

A key attribute of a being a good personal trainer is understanding goals. Not just vague statements like, “I wanna lose a few pounds”, but actual real life ambitions. Things that you want to achieve by a specific date, or feats of fitness you can measure.

By establishing benchmarks with you early, a trainer can then plan a strategy of attack using their expert knowledge. Helping you get you to your final destination in the most effective way possible.

This might be a complex three day workout plan, or a few simple tips on recovery and nutrition. One thing is for sure though, a personal trainer can help measure your progress every step of the way. Keeping you firmly on the road to success.

You Keep Getting Injured

woman in gym with injured ankle

Now, this might seem a strange one, but hear us out. A lot of us ladies exercise alone, which means we can’t always see our bodies in motion. Therefore, we often can’t spot the warning signs of potential injury.

Injury can be the result of a number of things, and doesn’t always happen when we’re lifting. Sometimes it could be that we didn’t quite activate the glutes enough before a set of deadlifts. Maybe we’re squatting without a mirror and we can’t see our knees tracking inwards.

If you’re repeatedly being pushed to the sidelines because of pain, maybe you should hire a trainer. Being able to lift and put the gym bros to shame is empowering for a woman. So, it’s understandable that we get all grouchy having to sit on the couch instead.

A personal trainer can help guide you through each exercise in the safest way possible. Sometimes even having someone show you the best way to warm up can make a huge difference. Resulting in more gain, and less pain.

Once you’ve spent a few sessions building perfect technique, you can go back to working out alone. A personal trainer doesn’t have to be forever, just until you feel you are ready to get back out there safely.

You Thrive From Feedback

personal trainer gives feedback to female client

If you’re hardworking and driven you’re probably a lady who loves feedback. You’ll also understand little bit of constructive criticism can turn average results into big achievements.

Sound like you? Well, we may have just found a way to take your workouts to the next level. Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to find out where you can improve. Turning those nagging weaknesses into your biggest strengths.

Not only that, but having an expert on the outside looking in can help to amplify the good times. Smashing your personal best always feels great. But, beating your top time for FRAN feels better with a little external praise. Especially from someone who’s opinion you trust.

A good personal trainer should provide feedback on a level that suits the individual needs of the client. Sometimes an honest “well done” is all some people need, and that’s totally fine.

However, if you’re like us, we wanna know the details! Notebooks at the ready.

You Struggle Staying Motivated

unmotivated woman in gym locker room

We hear you, sister. The alarm rings and suddenly that planned 7am Monday morning Tabata training session becomes real.

Cue a big sleepy slap on the snooze button as we promise ourselves we’ll do it tomorrow. However, repeatedly skipping workouts can eventually lead to the formation of bad habits. Meaning cancelling gym plans slowly becomes routine.

Plus, skipping workouts won’t get us results. If anything, we just get a little mad at ourselves further down the line. Especially when we fail to achieve our goals.

How the hell does everyone else stay so motivated?

Well, the answer might be a healthy dose of accountability. By parting with our hard earned cash and hiring a PT we quickly become accountable. Are we really going to sleep-in and lose that money? How bad will we feel standing up our new sleepy eyed trainer?

Sometimes knowing someone has fought off the tiredness to hit the treadmill with us is all it takes. So, pull back the sheets, grab a double espresso and be accountable girl!

What next?

female personal trainer helps client maintain good form

So, what next? How do you even hire a personal trainer?

Many gyms will have personal trainers working in the building and can help to give a recommendation. There are also many places online to find PT’s, including social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Try to find a trainer that aligns with your goals and has a personality you feel will suit yours. If you want to become a badass under the bar, try somebody with knowledge in weight lifting. However, if you want to improve your mobility and flexibility, seek out a local yogi specialist.

Whatever your goal, there’s a personal trainer out there perfect for you. Just give them a call and book in a short consultation. They might just be what you need to unlock your true potential.

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