Whatever your fitness goal, you need the right workout to make it happen. Look no further, girl. Our workouts for women have you covered from every angle. Whether you’re looking for a fat burning workout, or want to build strength, we’ve got the perfect inspiration for you right here. From legs to shoulders, our extensive library of workouts for women will have something to get your working up a sweat.

Crush Leg Day With These 5 Best Cable Machine Exercises EVER

Quite often you see the cable machine crowded with bros and chicks mainly focusing on their upper body like shoulders,…

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Build A Solid Back From Scratch With This 8-Week Pull-Up Program

If you come to think of it, pull-ups can be life savers – literally. Let’s imagine apocalypse has hit and…

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Use The Lat Pulldown Machine Correctly With These Tips

We often hear that using weight machines often result in muscle imbalance or they aren’t functional. Even though most of…

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Skip Crunches And Do THIS To Get The Best Looking Abs

Want to get a sexy, toned stomach but absolutely detest performing crunches? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the furthest…

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Get Shredded At Home With No Equipment With Bodyweight Exercises

There is nothing wrong with going to the gym. Quite the opposite, it’s great when people go to the gym.…

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Should I Train Deadlifts on Back Day or Leg Day?

Like bench press and barbell curls, deadlifts are commonly performed at the gym and is considered one of the best…

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These 5 Exercises Will Give You Rock Hard Abs

“I hate abs,” said no one ever. Abs have become one of the benchmarks of a chiseled physique. You will…

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7 Benefits of Planking Every Day

There are two types of people in the world, those who love planks and those who feel planking should be…

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Expand and Tone Your Glutes and Legs With This One Cable Workout

Many people in the fitness industry believe free weight exercises are the way to go if you want to build…

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