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Skip Crunches And Do THIS To Get The Best Looking Abs

Want to get a sexy, toned stomach but absolutely detest performing crunches? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve scoured the furthest reaches of the internet and found seven of the best ab exercises for developing the sleek core you’ve always dreamed of. And best of all, no damn crunches!

But, if we may put just the slightest damper on your parade, no amount of ab blasting exercises will give you the core you want if you don’t have a proper diet.

High body fat makes it so no matter what you do in the gym, your abs will never be visible. So, don’t skimp out on a healthy diet and fat burning cardio if you really want some nice abs.a

Now, let’s jump into these 7 crunch-free ab exercises.

7 Crunch-Free Ab Exercises

Skip Crunches And Do THIS To Get The Best Looking Abs 1

7. The Leaning Camel

The leaning what? Is that like a weird sex position a drunken zoo keeper came up with? No, not quite. The leaning camel is an exercise used to help tone your stomach or bulk up your abdominal muscles.

More specifically, it works on your abdominal walls, which strengthens your core and helps build up your abs.

This exercise has the added bonus of working your quads which makes it a great addition to the end of leg day when you’re trying to get a quick ab session.

This exercise is best used with moderate weights at three sets of 15 reps. Check out the video below on how to perform this exotic sounding exercise.

6. Row With Twist

Okay, this one just sounds like a funky cocktail or some kind of fancy fish egg dinner. But no, this is another great core strengthening exercise (you’re going to find a lot of that on this list).

This one also works your arms and is safe enough that even pregnant women can perform the exercise—which they do because it’s actually recommended for them.

Skip Crunches And Do THIS To Get The Best Looking Abs 2

The row with a twist is done with a resistance band. So, the resistance can be adjusted anytime to best suit your strength level.

This exercise is also more fun to perform than some of the other exercises on this list; as it’s not overly strenuous but still gives a great workout.

Skip Crunches And Do THIS To Get The Best Looking Abs 3

Another great thing is, there are a few variations of this exercise you can try. Which is great for people who may have injuries, disabilities, or are doing physical rehab to recover from injury.

It’s also a fast and easy exercise you can do at home when you’re low on time.

5. Scissor Kicks

Not all exercises on this list are going to be pleasant to do. And you’ll find the harder the exercise, the better the results.

Scissor kicks are a bodyweight exercise that you can perform anywhere. No gym or equipment needed.

Skip Crunches And Do THIS To Get The Best Looking Abs 4

Doing these will also greatly help strengthen your lower back, quads, and your abs. It also loosens up your hips and hamstrings. And who doesn’t want mobile hips?

It might take a beginner some time to perfect this exercise, but once they do, they’ll know how strong their core has gotten.

4. Ab Rollout

The ab rollout, AKA the ab wheel rollout, AKA the filthy whore, (it’s probably not known as that last one, but it should be) is a real rough and tough ab exercise for beginners. Using an ab wheel, you get in a push-up position and stretch out.

Skip Crunches And Do THIS To Get The Best Looking Abs 5

This is a great exercise for working all of those stabilizer muscles in your back, front, arms, legs; pretty much your whole body.

It’s almost like doing a moving plank. And it’s perfect for working your abs when you have limited time. But don’t rush them or you might hurt yourself.

3. Lying Overhead Reach

This exercise is good for working your shoulders as well as your core. And while it’s an exercise used with weight, you only need to use between five and ten pounds. After all, you don’t want to tear yourself a new one.

To get the best results with the lying overhead reach, aim to do three to four sets of 15 reps for each set.

Take your time until you get the hang of it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much your arms and shoulders get worked during these.

2. Hanging Leg Raises

This one is a classic exercise for gymnasts, bodybuilders, and various athletes alike. Not only are these a wonderful core exercise, they really help work those stubborn lower abs, too.

And hanging leg raises completely take out the uncomfortable nature of on the ground exercises like crunches.

This means you won’t be putting any unneeded stress on the lower back while working your lower abs. Which is something that’s quite hard to do.

These are best if you perform four to five sets to failure. Also, these really should be added as one of your main ab exercises because they work your core so well.

1. Planks

We’ll end our list with one of the most effective and popular crunch alternatives. Planks really are the opposite of a crunch as the whole goal is to keep your core tight and stable as you hold the plank position.

This exercise takes some effort to get good at performing for extended periods of time. But once you do, you’ll find your core strength is off the charts.

woman doing a plank as part of an at home abs workout

They are especially good for preventing back pain and injuries, making you able to hold heavier weights without an issue. This is especially important for athletes or people who work manual labor jobs.

If you want to read more about plank workouts, you’re in luck! This article on planks will teach you everything you need to know.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article. These ab exercises will help you sculpt the midsection you’ve always wanted.

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