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5 Killer Exercises To Optimize Your Shoulder Health

Having shoulder pain or injuries, especially when you doing bodybuilding is quite common. To be honest, your shoulders are the core point that helps you in nearly every type of workout you. Whether it be the bench press, chinups, barbell curl, etc. You need healthy shoulders to properly and effectively execute your exercise.


When we look at the anatomy of a shoulder, it’s quite dynamic and amazing and you should keep it mobile, stable and strong as possibly can. Also, there must a proper balance of the extensive network of shoulder complex muscles to minimize the risk of an injury.


That all being said; here are 5 of the best and most effective exercises performed with a kettlebell to prevent shoulder pain, dysfunction and injury and ensure its optimal health for proper and flexible working.

1. Turkish GetUp

This is perhaps the most important exercises that enhance and optimizes the shoulder functions due to its broad range of motion.

Turkish GetUp

Turkish GetUp How-To

  • Cradle and grip the kettlebell. Do this by placing it next to your shoulder of working side. Then roll to your side and cradle it with both hands and while you do this, roll onto your back and place it on your stomach.
  • Now press the kettlebell overhead while the non-working hand will be placed firmly on the floor.
  • Next, roll up onto the elbow and hand and bench the knee on the side of working hand.
  • Now lift your hips so that the knee is still bent while the other hand is supported to lift the body.
  • Sweep your leg and perform a lunge.
  • Stand up from the lunge position.
  • Finally, descend and get down to your starting position.
  • Switch side and repeat.

Do at least 5-7 reps on each side.

2. Windmill

This gives you a dynamic range of motion, stability, and mobility. Other than shoulders, it is great for your hip and spine.


Windmill How-To

  • Place the kettlebell in front of the lead foot and clean and press it overhead using the opposite arm.
  • Next, clean the kettlebell to your shoulder and extend it through your legs and hips as you pull it towards the shoulders.
  • Rotate the wrist as you do and keep the palm face forward and extend it overhead with elbow extension.
  • Ensure that kettlebell is locked out all the time, push your butt out in the direction of locked kettlebell and turn the feet out at forty-five-degree angle from the arm with locked out kettlebell.
  • Now, bend the hip to one side, stick your butt out and gradually lean until you can touch the floor with the free hand.
  • Keep your eyes on the kettlebell throughout.
  • Pause for a second and gradually return to your starting position.

Do 3-5 reps on each side.

3. Military Press

The Military Press kettlebell exercise is perfect for total shoulder strength and you’ll be targeting the scapula of your shoulder for maximum mobility.

Military Press

Military Press How-To

  • Grab a slightly heavier kettlebell and clean it to your shoulder.
  • Clean it by extending through legs and hips as you pull it towards your shoulder.
  • Next, rotate the wrist as you do, this way your palms will be facing inward.
  • Finally, look at the kettlebell and press it up and out until it is locked overhead.
  • Lower it to your shoulder under control and repeat.
  • Switch sides and repeat.

Do at least two sets of five reps each per side.

4. Swing

This is the traditional kettlebell exercise but very effective for shoulder joint stabilization and maintaining the health of its humeral head in glenoid.



Swing How-To

  • Stand over the kettlebell with your feet hip-width apart. Keep the chest up and shoulders back and down.
  • Make sure that the kettlebell is in line with the middle of your feet.
  • Squat down and grip the kettlebell with the palms facing you and thumbs wrapped loosely around its handle.
  • Now stand tall while gripping the kettlebell and keep the arms long and lose while you retract shoulders blades and engage the core.
  • Also, soften the knees and shift your body weight on the heels by lowering your rear end back and down towards the wall behind you.
  • Finally, drive through your heel and explode through the hips and send the weight swinging upwards from your quads.
  • Swing it at chest height and keep the core contracted throughout.
  • You’ll be lowering in a squat position and then standing upright while you swing the kettlebell.

Do three sets of 10-15 reps each.

5. Kettlebell Snatch

It’s a hardcore and high-level exercise and you’ll not only target the shoulders but your entire body. Nonetheless, it’s really powerful and dynamic exercise.

Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch How-To

  • Grab the kettlebell and press it overhead
  • Next lockout your position. Keep the arms straight and stable before we finally execute the exercise. If you are unable to extend it straight, consider lowering the weight or practice more on the military press.
  • Now punch thru drill or the horizontal snatch. Do it as it you were snapping someone with a towel. The movement has to be very quick. The first hinge would be at the hips and then hike the bell. As you snap, pull it closer to your body and keep the elbow attached to your rib cage.
  • Next, you’ll be doing the high pull. The arms will be closer to the body and elbow high as if you were trying to elbow someone behind you.
  • Once again, this will be done briskly.
  • Try not to grip the kettlebell too tightly.
  • So basically, it was a combination of Punch Thru and High Pull.

Do three sets of five reps each.

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