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10-Minute Triceps Workout for Women

Tone up the back of your arm and achieve all round body fitness with this 10-minute triceps workout for women.

For many of us girls, toned arms are a major goal. Aside from lifting that booty and achieving shredded abs, tightening up triceps is a concern for a lot of women out there.

Aside from looking amazing and helping you achieve an all-round toned physique, firmer triceps can help you feel more confident.

Whether it’s just throwing on a t-shirt or rocking a strappy dress, being proud of the way you look and feel can be transformative.

On top of that, this quick and easy workout can be performed in around 10 minutes, so you won’t be spending hours crafting this part of your body. Simply add it to one of your workouts and you’ll soon start to feel the rewards.


10-minute triceps workout for women

If this is an area you’re concerned about, then a triceps workout for women can be a fantastic way to help you feel more confident.

Women in general don’t have great upper body strength, and many girls don’t want to add them to their routine for fear they’ll have massive arms. Sure, we can squat for days, but without working our upper body, we won’t achieve that well-rounded physique.

Don’t worry girl, this quick 10-minute workout won’t leave you with huge bro-like arms. Unless you’re pumping your bod full of steroids, you’ll still maintain a feminine physique. You’ll just be stronger and more toned than before.


The Workout

Perform three or four sets of each exercise, depending on how strong you’re feeling.

Pick a weight for each exercise that feels challenging. You should be struggling to lift the last two or three reps, especially in the final sets. But don’t go too heavy if you’re at risk of breaking your form.


Close grip bench press

close grip bench press as part of a triceps workout for women

To start with, a compound movement like a bench press is a fantastic way to get a range of muscles firing. By pressing with a closer grip you’ll also pull in your triceps to get those specific muscles working hard.

Close grip bench press:

  1. Lie on a bench with the bar directly above your face
  2. Grip the bar just a few hand widths apart
  3. Take the bar out of the rack and hold it straight up, above your chest
  4. Bring the bar down to touch just below your nipples
  5. Press straight up

Perform 15 reps.


Cable press down

The cable is one of our favorite bits of gym kit. It provides constant resistance, for a more challenging lifting experience that gets your muscles working on overdrive. By using it in a triceps workout for women, it will provide a really focused, burning exercise that’ll reap some hella painful rewards.

Cable press down

  1. Set your cable to just above your head and use either the straight bar or rope attachment
  2. Stand in front of your cable and take the bar or rope in both hands
  3. Keep your elbows tight and still at the side of your body and pull the cable down so you’re holding it in front of your chest
  4. Keeping your upper arms completely still, press the cable down and around your hips until your arms are completely straight
  5. At this point, squeeze your triceps before returning the cable to just in front of your chest

Perform 15 reps.


Skull crushers

woman performing a skull crusher as part of her triceps workout for womenThis weighted exercise is a super effective way to really drill in to your triceps. Honestly girl, you’ll start to feel the burn almost immediately with this one. We recommend you start with a low weight and use a short bar that’s easy to control. You can also use dumbbells if you’d prefer to make it lighter. You’re literally lowering the bar to just above your forehead, so you’ll want to ensure you can handle the weight.

Skull crushers:

  1. Take a short, light bar
  2. Lie on the bench and press the bar out so you’re holding it above your chest with straight arms
  3. Adjust your grip on the bar so you’re holding it at a medium width grip
  4. Keeping your upper arms completely still, bend at the elbow so the bar and your hands move down towards your forehead. You should be moving in a smooth, arcing motion
  5. When you’re a couple of inches from your forehead, press it back in a smooth action until your arms are straight again

Perform 12 reps.


Triceps extension

This is the perfect finisher for any triceps workout for women. You can choose smaller weight increments to make this as tough as possible to really get your body working on this final workout exercise. Again, start at a light weight and work you way up to your challenging option, as you’ll be holding this above your head to start with

Triceps extension:

  1. Take a dumbbell and stand in a natural relaxed position
  2. Lift the dumbbell up and hold it above your head. Grip on to one end of the weight and let the other end hang down
  3. Keeping your upper arms still, hinge at the elbow and lower the dumbbell behind you head
  4. Stop when the bottom of the dumbbell is at the base of your neck and press it up again in a smooth arc until your arms are straight again

Perform 15 reps.


You can complete this workout in around ten minutes and still get an amazing upper body burn. Do this workout once a week on top of your normal routine for three to four weeks and you’ll start to feel stronger and firmer.

This workout is super effective for toning that muscle. However, it’s not possible to lose fat in just one area in your body, by working it hard, so if that’s your goal, you’ll need to incorporate a few other changes.

If you’re looking to lose fat in your upper arms, then you’ll need a calorie-restricted diet, complemented with a smart cardio routine.

We recommend using a healthy IIFYM diet, along with some fat burning HIIT workouts to help you melt away those unwanted fat deposits.

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