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Eat This, Not That to Boost Your Libido!

Here’s what to eat for a better sex life and what to stay away from when trying to get naughty under the sheets.

Are you too tired for sex? Do you keep telling your partner that you have a “headache” so you can side-skirt getting naughty and just go to bed? If your libido has been less than lusty lately, try these foods that are all proven to give a powerful boost to your libido! You’ll feel like a teenager again, pining away for a little romp in the sack or two! Here are the ten foods that will increase your sex drive and additional four that will reduce it.

Libido Boosting Foods

Black Raspberries

Eat This, Not That to Boost Your Libido! 11

Black raspberries are rich in phytochemicals, which increase libido, will instantly get you in the mood. It’s recommended to eat at least a handful every day to boost creativity underneath the sheets. They are also proven to increase overall sexual endurance. Eat at least 10 per day or take a tablespoon of raspberry seeds a couple of hours before having sex for more bow chicka wow wow!


You can eat broccoli any way you like: raw, cooked or sautéed! Just add them to a salad or eat them on the side with your steak. Broccoli has a high content of vitamin C which improves the blood circulation to your organs and has been suggested to improve the libido in women. If you were already planning on adding a vegetable in your dinner, but wondering which one, when it comes to your libido, broccoli is your best choice.


Eat This, Not That to Boost Your Libido! 12

Similar to broccoli, this super-food can be cooked in many forms. You can brew it in hot apple cider, add it your favorite sweet treat or add it in your tea. Make sure to make some for your partner too! Chives are a century-long medicine for male sexual issues in India. Recent research has confirmed this by concluding that clove extract significantly increased the libido of male lab rats.

They can also be used to get rid of foul mouth odor, so no more dragon breath ruining the mood when you’re trying to get it on. Powdered cloves taste great in Mexican food, along with cinnamon and cumin. This adds up to a delicious aphrodisiac, ooo la la!


Eat This, Not That to Boost Your Libido! 13

If you want to become irresistible to your partner, this miraculous food will make you a love-making machine. Figs are known to be a powerful stimulant of fertility and can increase the release of pheromones. Try a handful before making love and witness their sexy potential. Figs are also known to increase the testosterone production in men.



If you’re looking for something that is both sweet and stimulating for your libido, try a piece of watermelon.

Despite it being comprised of more than 90% water, the rest is filled with essential compounds for your sexual health. It’s been found that watermelons contain substances which have an effect similar to Viagra on our blood vessels and can help with improving your libido. Watermelons have a phytonutrient known as citrulline, which your body transforms into arginine, an amino acid known to boost nitric oxide levels and relax your blood vessels, similar to Viagra!


Regardless of how you want to cook them, eating eggs will boost your libido after a tiring day and will enable you the needed energy for the sexy marathon ahead. They have a high protein content, which will give you more stamina, and they have a few calories. Additionally, they are a great source of L-arginine, an amino acid which has been proven to combat various types of heart issues and sexual dysfunctions.


Numerous studies have shown that women who took a ginseng supplement experienced a significant increase in their libido in just one month, and more than 70% have confirmed that their sex life also improved. Incorporate ginseng in your diet or you can try some of the ginseng tea varieties.

However, just because a beverage contains ginseng, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The majority of energy drinks sold on the market have ginseng in them, but they also have lots of other unhealthy compounds as well as lots of sugar, which decrease your libido.


Even though it’s a bit expensive, saffron is a great spice, both literally and figuratively for your belly and your sex life. Scientists have found out that saffron has the potential to improve your sexual performance. It is recommended that you soak the threads in a warm liquid for about 20 minutes and then add them in rice, barley or quinoa, or just add it in a stew or a soup.


Prepare a salad with lettuce and whatever assorted vegetables you like. Dress it with some vinegar and heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil. This will not only boost your libido, but it will help you stay satiated. Lettuce has an opiate which helps to activate various sex hormones. Eat an entire bowl with your dinner and you’re good to go.


Ginger has been used for medical purposes for centuries from cultures from all over the globe. Ginger has compounds in it that help with the adjustment of circulation temperature, detoxification of the mucoid residue which can be found in the gastrointestinal tract and boost the libido.

You can consume it in any form, raw, supplement or as an addition to your meal or beverage, and it has proven itself to be a powerful health defender in times of colds and the flu season. It’s also a bit hot which makes it an excellent addition to any soup or stew.

Eat This, Not That to Boost Your Libido! 14

The Libido Killers


Oysters have often been lauded as powerful aphrodisiacs, but that is not the case at all. They do have a high content of zinc, a mineral essential to the creation of many hormones, but they can also be a very toxic and unhealthy food. Along with other shellfish, they can absorb various toxins and all kind of parasites found in the ocean, which in many cases outweighs the zinc benefits. That’s why you should avoid them and opt for some spinach to get a meal low in calories and high in zinc.


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Chocolate has always been lauded as one of the most potent aphrodisiacs, but current studies have started to claim otherwise. Despite having compounds like phenylethylamine which can boost endorphin and serotonin levels, it’s been found that there really is no relation between chocolate consumption and the improvement of libido or sexual performance. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy chocolate in moderation, as dark chocolate still has overall health benefits.

Refined Baked Goods

Baked goods are filled with sugar, which literally kills your sex drive. Baked goods have saturated trans-fats, which have a negative impact on our cells, along with the immune system. These treats loaded with sugar surround the body’s cells, preventing any essential food glucose from entering the cell, keeping it the bloodstream, thus increasing blood sugar levels and reducing the libido.

The fats contained within also clog the ventricles, decreasing the oxygen supply to the sexual organs and preventing the spleen from creating a sufficient amount of leukocytes (white blood cells). Without enough white blood cells, the formation of sperm and eggs are very difficult.

Dairy Products

If you just have to have cheese or ice cream, you may need to reconsider your choices if you want to get laid. Try subbing them out with a lactose-free alternative every now and then.  It’s been found that the lactic acid found in dairy products as well as the elements that destroy oxygen can really diminish the libido to extremely low levels, which means restricting dairy products to maximum 3 times a week. One shouldn’t neglect dairy’s most beneficial mineral: calcium.

It is tightly related to the cell’s health as well as your overall sexual health. Healthy cells increase the sensitivity for an improved circulation to the genitalia, which results in enhanced sexual pleasure. That’s why you need to drink more soy milk, eat leafy vegetables, sprouted beans, broccoli, cabbage, which are all rich in calcium.

Eat This, Not That to Boost Your Libido! 15

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