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Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women?

If you’re asking yourself, do men like bulky and muscular women? Then you’ve landed in the right place!

You might find it interesting to know that most studies looking at a man’s ‘favourite body type’ have been done using a limited range of physiques such as skinny, pear shaped and hourglass.

However, new studies have been carried out taking into account ‘fit’ and ‘muscular’ women. 

Even though most findings shown men might prefer thinner women, these new studies show men find ‘fit and strong’ curves equally as attractive.

Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women? 15

Often, men choose the thinest woman out of several body types for one main reason: It symbolises health, fertility and athleticism.

We also have to take into account that there wasn’t a wider variety of body types to compare against in these original studies. But things are changing.

At the end of the day girls, who really cares what a man thinks anyway! But it doesn’t hurt to know!

What is it to be bulky and muscular anyway?

We’re talking about someone who lifts weight, sprints track, or takes part in any type of physically demanding activity that causes muscle growth.

Think of a sprinter, weightlifter or a bodybuilder to name a few.

Lidia Valentín celebrating
Lidia Valentín celebrating after completing a successful weightlifting competition.

These body types aren’t exactly skinny, but they ‘ARE’ on the side of athletic as their bodies are well-shaped, muscular and athletic in appearance.

What’s Changing?

Let’s go back a few years. The gyms we’re full with women in the cardio sections and men in the weightlifting areas.

But something has been changing and shaping the way we workout and view our finiteness goals.

Impact in Sports and Society

With the injection of Instagram and CrossFit and other sports such as Olympic Weightlifting it’s no wonder that more women are picking up the iron following in their idols footsteps.

A New Study

A study published by SicenceDaily.com shows that men like women who are ‘fit’ and in shape instead of just skinny:

According to research from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, beauty ideals are changing, with increasing emphasis now being placed on bodies that are fit, toned, muscular and healthy.

The shift in attitudes coincides with an increasing number of women discovering the benefits of weight-training in the gym, “fitspiration” Instagram accounts and #strongnotskinny trending on social media. – The Independent.

Benefits of Being More Muscular


Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women? 16

There’s so many benefits for us women to have more muscle and a little added bulk.

Firstly there’s confidence. Years have gone by where women have been forced to believe that skinny is the only way to live happy.

This has lead to many unhealthy relationships with food and the way we as women view ourselves.

However, once you start to train with weights or take part in any type of resistance training, your shift focuses on your overall health, strength and recovery.

This allows you to eat more healthy foods and feel more comfortable in your own skin. Compare this against the previous mindset of starvation diets and endless cardio – resistance trading wins hands down.


Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women? 17

Improving strength is very important for women; as compared to our male counterparts who find it easier to pack on muscle due to their naturally occurring testosteron, we have to work twice as hard – but it’s for good reason.

The more strength and muscle we have, the easier our day to day activities will be.

Not only that, the more resistance training we take part in will improve flexibility and range of motion – which are vital for everyday health and mobility.

Also, as we get older, whatever muscle we did have in our youth will begin to fade. Which makes it even more important that we continue to improve and maintain our strength as we age.

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Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women? 18

Weight Loss

Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women? 19

Did you know, the more muscle you have on your body the more calories you’ll burn?

Your body has to work harder to walk, climb the stairs, go to work and run errands – basically your day to day movements. This is due to the added muscle mass – more muscle = a higher basal metabolic rate.

Build Muscle With Shape & Burn

Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women? 20

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Not only does having more muscle increase your resting metabolism. When you take part in resistance training, it’s burns a lot more calories compared to steady state cardio.

This makes resistance training a great option for re-shaping your physiques, burning a few extra calories, and feeling more confident at the same time.

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Do Men Like Bulky and Muscular Women? 21

How To Build More Muscle?

To build more muscle you’ll need to start a weight training program and get your eating plan in check.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

All you’ll need to do is lift weights (preferably compound movements three times per week) and eat enough healthy foods to support muscle growth and recovery.

For tips on how to do this, see our post here on: How To Build Lean Muscle.

bulky crossfit athlete

Summing it Up!

There you have it girls, it’s a fact that men do like women with more curves, muscle, and a little athletic bulk to our frames.

However, working out just for men to like us is not the point – who cares what they think anyway!

Workout because you love it, not because what people might think of you.

There’s so many benefits to using weights and adding muscle to your frame. Who knows, it might just be the switch you need from starvation mode to lifting weights and eating healthier.

Give lifting weights a go! You might just love it!





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  1. No, men doesn’t like bulky and muscular women, men like women with a fitness model’s body (as in the research “fit, toned, muscular and healthy” and NOT “bulky and muscular”).
    Of course there are people who obsessed even with extremely overfat ladies, so there’s always a chance..

  2. Im a man and very like to have a muscular strong wife
    I would love her and respect her and help her to do exersices

  3. I’m a woman, and I’ve been getting into fitness for the last 7 years. I’m not bulky bc I also have a intense diet paired with an intense fitness schedule. But it’s only improved my dating life. I’ve dated way more models and attracted fit men than when I was just rail thin, and I’ve never had a guy tell me they disliked my muscles. Some have subconsciously associated muscles with more sexual prowess. And some have said it surprised them that they found muscles on a woman so attractive. I think historical patriarchal cultures from modern history has shaped a lot of what the standard of feminine beauty is to society at large, that people didn’t realize their innate attraction to women with physical strength. It is a confidence boost just like for men to feel strong and capable. It commands a general sense of respect from both men and women if not just for the hard work it implies. More fit men are attracted to fit women because of the common fitness lifestyle they share. Men who aren’t fit might feel either threatened or have less association with muscles on women as beautiful.

  4. Sorry, Im a guy and I like the differences between the sexes. Feminine and Masculine. These words already imply the differences. If a woman has a V shape and no hips she has a masculine figure – manly figure. If I would like this then I would be homosexual, not hetero. The soft feminine figure implies kindness and loving traits. The big hips fertility… etc. Evolution has programmed this into the males head as this is good for a loving mother and good for his children… This is what males find generally attrative. We want loving.. kind soft hearted woman. These new traits dont imply any of that. I like the differences between men and woman and absolutely disagree with this article. Both sexes have their strenghts and weaknesses and the difference is what makes woman beautifu and men handsome.. If woman dont care what men think and men dont care what woman think where will we end up? Sad World. Nobody should be unhappy, and fitness is good to a certain extent, but extremes arent good. I do jot want to upset anybody, but I dont agree.

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